Worldwebforum 2020

Future of Work

16-17 January 2020, Zurich

Work: Redesigned


Fresh leadership and thinking, needed.

New visions, a design approach to work and courage to make it happen, needed.

The event brings together pioneers, mavericks, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, alternative explorers and you – a melting pot of stories written by life.

In addition to the inspirational Forum main stage keynotes, members of the Atos Scientific community have curated a series of talks and workshops on redesigning work.

Atos Scientific Community

The Atos Scientific Community works on a five year vision horizon to support business leaders in taking digital decisions with business, societal, technological, individual and organizational consequences in view.

Further information HERE.

Prepare for Next Generation Digital Decisions

For this edition, members of the Atos Scientific Community have curated a track on designing the future of work. In a mix of keynotes, workshops and roundtables you:

  • are exposed to thought provokers, start-ups and global leaders on the Worldwebforum main stage
  • learn from people who are living and breathing new organization forms such as scaled agile and holacracy
  • apply vision and creative thinking while reflecting on the next generation digital decisions

Roundtable on Work: Redesign

Join us as we bring thought leaders, practitioners and corporate leaders together for a discussion on the key topics of our track.

Workshops to Design the Next Generation of Work

Deciding on digital has become more complex than ever before.

A new generation with a different sense of meaning in work, compute power at quantum scale, ubiquitous AI, mixed reality interactions, hyper connectedness between people and things are only some of the drivers of change. Environmental instability, mass migration, a next round of mass automation on the horizon are challenges at a global scale. For many traditional organizations digital transformation seems like a continuous non-stop uphill battle. And yet we are living in a time where we can create abundance at an unprecedented scale.

Experience the power of right brain and left brain decision making to shape a sustainable, desirable and viable future. Meet and discuss with leaders who have taken new paths for their organizations. Based on purpose, consciously working to integrate the human-machine workforce, leveraging community and technology to scale ideas globally.

Session descriptions HERE.

Individual sessions can be arranged with prior notice, subject to availability.

Featured speakers


Gerhard Andrey, Co-Founder, Liip, Fribourg, Switzerland

Steve Elliott, Head of Jira Align, Atlassian, Austin, USA

Sunnie J. Groeneveld, Managing Partner, Inspire 925, Zurich, Switzerland

Barbara Josef, Co-Founder, 5to9, Brütten, Switzerland

Stefan Klauser, Dept. of Humanities, Social & Political Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Sophie Proust, Group CTO, Atos, Paris, France

Mirjam Schlup, Director of Social Services, city of Zurich, Switzerland

Daniel Staub, Coach & Co-Founder, intrinsic, Zurich, Switzerland

Atos Workshops


Thursday 16 January
Session 1 – Laying the base: Purpose
Session 2 – Leveling up: Power to the People

Friday 17 January
Session 3 – Scaling: Global Impact
Session 4 – Digital decisions: Right and Left Brain

Roundtable Discussion


Stage One
Elias-Canetti-Strasse 146
8050 Zürich

World Web Forum

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