next-generation financial services ecosystems

Mega-trends in financial services: Why you should prepare for a fundamental shift?

The 2008 crisis is almost a distant memory. But the emerging data-driven world and rise of non-banking platform companies are now disrupting the most profitable parts of the banking value chains. New players could capture up to a third of incumbent banks’ revenues by 2020.

However, this rapid change also brings major opportunities for banks that are willing to position themselves at the core of next-generation and data-driven ecosystems. Banks that leverage digital to reinvent their businesses will do more than survive: they will thrive …

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new FinTechs are created every year

increase in operating profits could be gained by banks through digital by 2020

unbanked people could be addressed through mobile

is sufficient to create a new digital bank
$ = USD

Banks are at a crossroads. Continuous FinTech innovation and new technologies such as blockchain are disrupting the market. While it creates threats, it also opens multiple opportunities for Financial Services to reinvent themselves and thrive.

Dan Cohen,

Group Senior Vice President, Global Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

Four transformation challenges and opportunities for the future of Banking

Respond faster to
evolving customer demands

Retail banks that digitalize their customer journeys can see a 5% to 20% boost in revenue from improved service, network cost reductions of 15% to 35% and increases in customer satisfaction of 10% to 15%.

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costs radically

Shifting to lower-cost standardized utility processes for selected administrative activities and deploying intelligent automation can reduce costs by 10% to 25% and provide savings to fund blue ocean innovation.

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Create new revenue
streams with open platforms

Analysts estimate banks that successfully build partnerships to monetize data can raise their return on equity (ROE) by up to 14%, far above the current industry average.

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predictive security & compliance

The potential benefits are immense: slashing the US$1 trillion annual cost of cybercrime while turning trust into a source of business growth.

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Take a look at the key technologies that will shape the future of Banking:


Hybrid Cloud is reviving cloud initiatives by enabling secure and seamless integration of private and public cloud platforms, thus exploiting the benefits of public cloud (pay-per-use, ‘infinite’ bursting resources, agility and innovation) as well as taking advantage of the flexibility and power of cloud-native applications. Banks should urgently assess their data and applications to define a consistent classification allowing to guide their cloud-first strategy.


API Platforms allow financial products and services to be distributed and serviced across third parties. Banks should put API platforms at the heart of their digital strategy to attract ecosystem partners.


Robotic Process Automation will bring virtual workforces to manage repetitive tasks, reducing the cost of administrative and regulatory processes by at least 50% while improving quality and speed. Banks need to standardize processes to facilitate automation and engage in ambitious change management programs.


Instant Payments - with the move towards a cashless society and ever more connected devices - is making the payments sector evolve rapidly, driven by data and better customer experiences. Banks must explore Instant Payments and other game-changing technologies launched via social networks, chatbots or virtual assistants to offer new P2P, B2B and even M2M services.


Artificial Intelligence promises to replace human cognitive capabilities with robo-advisors, virtual assistants, chatbots and knowledge engineering. It will impact customer service, trading and compliance. Banks should prepare for the human, security and legal impact.


Blockchain is a potential game-changer for conducting business with parties without prior trust relationships. Beyond payments or cash management, it could revolutionize audit trails, automated contracting and the microservice economy.


Prescriptive Security uses big data analytics, real-time monitoring including the dark web, AI and automation to detect potential threats and stop them before they strike. Applications range from cyber protection to fraud management and compliance. Banks should explore integrating it into their Security Operation Centers.


Augmented and Virtual Reality are blurring real and virtual worlds, allowing customers and employees to engage with financial services within the context of their current environment. Financial services should explore potential use cases in retail banking


Quantum Computing promises to break traditional combinatory analysis limitations, bringing advances in risk analysis and high-frequency trading within ten years. This will elevate risk by potentially breaking current cryptographic standards, threatening to cause a ‘crypt-apocalypse.’ Banks must start preparing for quantumsafe cryptography.


Smart Machines are changing the nature of customers, with smart things working on behalf of their owners for smart home, autonomous transportation, concierge services and more. Likely to transform go-to-market strategies, banks must begin exploring the business, legal and compliance implications.

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