IBC 2016

We areatos-ibc-2016 counting down to IBC 2016, September 9-13 in Amsterdam and hope to see you there. Join our media team in the Atos executive hospitality suite to share the latest developments in a relaxed and friendly environment.
As the official IT partner for the Olympic Games, we offer a taste of how the world’s largest media event is ready to set new standards in digital participation for a global audience of some 4.7 billion.
The experience of the Olympics invites discussion of themes now critical to all successful media companies:


  • Audience analytics– from mega screens at public parties to personal Olympic programming on smartphones, more people than ever before will be taking part in the event. Realtime understanding of usage and choice now drive planning and provisioning
  • Digital Media Supply Chain – with on-demand and broadcast running concurrently throughout the games to every country in the world, effective access to shared resources becomes a cornerstone of success
  • Cyber security– not only must all media systems be guarded against attack.  The massive increase in interaction with an active audience puts personal digital protection in the spotlight too


In addition to these themes Atos is also keen to share insight on other key innovations in media management with a focus on media and broadcast datacentres and cloud orchestration.
We won’t overlook IT outsourcing services.  In a world in which the thirst for compelling content over every fixed and mobile platform increases daily, your ability to make IT cost-effective, agile and sustainable is more important than ever before.
Make a date with Atos at IBC 2016.


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