European Parliament decision on SEPA standard confirms Atos payment strategy

Paris, 17 February 2012

Atos, an international IT services company, anticipated the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) decision made this week by the European Parliament. The decision confirms the migration of direct debits and credit transfers to SEPA before 1 February 2014 in all countries of the SEPA area and hence stimulate payment convergence. Thanks to Atos expertise in HTTS (Hi-Tech Transactional Services) and anticipated investments, the Group is well positioned to offer its expertise with SEPA payment services offering and references in this domain and to accompany its customers to migrate to SEPA.

The new legislation means that both creditors and debtors will have to migrate their domestic systems to the new SEPA standards. The impact on corporate creditors is high, especially with SEPA Direct debit. Banks are sollicited by their corporate customers to help them with SEPA migration and large corporations will prepare the migration of their own systems as well.

Atos Worldline, Atos expertise in hi-tech transactional services, goes further than card based payments
The Atos SEPA Payment Services product range is a comprehensive end-to-end and modular  solution for non cards payments. It is available both in BPO mode and as a licensed software, with the relating added value services, such as SEPA mandate lifecycle management (migration, creation, modification, voidance), translation of domestic payment instructions - both direct debit and credit transfers - into SEPA transactions, paper mandate management (printing, sending, collection, dematerialisation, storage), and electronic signature of mandates.

Gilles Grapinet, Senior Executive Vice President at Atos explains: “The decision of the European parliament made this week is in line with our anticipated investments and payment strategy. At Atos, we anticipated these developments and started investments more than two years ago in a suite of products and services to support both banks and creditors in this migration. The Atos SEPA payment services product range is one of the key assets already being rolled out. We continue to enrich the platform and extend our services to stay ahead of market developments”.

Various contracts have already been signed by Atos Worldline including among others Royal Bank of Scotland (Europe), a large Dutch bank, and a major French bank. Atos plans commercial deployment in other countries where SEPA is deployed later this year.