Atos Fintech Engagement Program

For ambitious FinTechs that want to transform the industry

Offering FinTechs a fast-paced, open and practical way to partner with major Financial Services institutions

Are you ready for industrial-scale growth?

Market leaders do not stand still, they stand out. In Financial Services, serving more customers with differentiated services and profitably, defines success. Banks and insurers need FinTechs to find new sources of service innovation to satisfy customer demands. But as a FinTech you also need the capital, global distribution channels and risk management expertise that major banks and insurers enjoy.

The Atos FinTech engagement program brings both parties together for mutual benefit – accelerating the co-creation of a go-to-market proposition and opening the doors for your FinTech to thrive in Financial Services with access to major Atos clients.

FinLab: your route to joint value creation

Global Financial Services clients looking for ways to ‘wow’ their customers do not want to just visualize new services. They want to experience them. The cloud-based Atos FinLab provides the development and demonstration platform to present these experiences and drive new revenue streams.

FinTech ecosystem

FinLab brings together organizations that are committed to investing in a joint go-to-market proposition. We provide the cloud resources, technical templates and integration expertise to align you and your partners.

Show and tell

FinLab shows potential clients what is possible through clear customer journeys. Led by FinTechs, this process allows clients to see how a service works, where it works and the benefits.

FinTech bundling and technology mashups

We provide you and your partners with an API platform for DevOps, technology mashups and continuous integration. Access to FinLab is via a single hybrid cloud – available anytime and anywhere.

Go-to-market acceleration

FinLab cloud blueprints will speed up your Proof of Concept – offering rapid reach to the right market. In some cases you may lead StratHacks and work directly alongside the client.

A profitable route for you to reach more customers

Customer journeys rarely start with a loan application or a visit to a branch. They start with an individual who feels it is time to replace his car or wonders what she can do to get her finances sorted. These are the stories we want to play out by demonstrating how integrated, end-to-end FinTech solutions can respond to people’s real lives .

Working with us: FinLab benefits

Our FinLab platform provides your FinTech with the freedom and frameworks to innovate quickly. With Atos Heads of Agreement and governance models already in place, our fast-track onboarding process will ensure you are ready to collaborate in weeks not months.

Core benefits of Atos FinLab:

  • Information exchange and joint go-to-market planning
  • Techlabs, sandboxing, hackathons and StratHacks
  • Enablement sessions with Atos sales and FinTech industry solution heads
  • Client sessions at Atos innovation centers
  • In-country networking and market analyst sessions
  • International booth marketing and roadshows for client contact
  • Global FinTech conference sessions
  • Involvement in our Business Technology & Innovation Center process

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Looking to partner with established players so you can ramp up your market reach?

You have come to the right place. We are looking for FinTechs with the hottest technology, value propositions and an open culture – businesses that are ready to take the practical steps to generating new sources of revenue in Financial Services.

FinLab has already established end-to-end customer journeys through partner ecosystems, including:

  • Personal Financial Management
  • Loan Origination
  • Instant Payments

There is more to come. Be part of it.

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Why Atos FinLab for your FinTech?

We understand FinTechs because we have one in the Atos group of companies – equensWorldline. We are developing our own financial technologies, including APIs covering PSD2 payment processing, biometric authentication and real-time fraud detection. With access to more than 150 Atos Financial Services clients, the FinTechs and Financial Services providers already part of FinLab are seeing traction with new go-to-market propositions.

Our FinTech experts

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Remco Neuteboom

Chief Digital Officer for Global Financial Services

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Christoph Bauriedel

Global Head of Financial Services Strategy and Solutions Development

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Michael Davison

Industry Principal, Financial Services

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