Increasing the Adoption of Healthcare Technology

Breakaway Adoption Solutions is changing how healthcare professionals learn and adopt new EHR technologies

By helping end users adopt new software applications quickly and easily, providers have more time for patient care, healthcare executives see improved financial outcomes, and those leading technology implementations experience less stress.

Our research-based approach incorporates the Four Drives of Adoptions.

The Four Drivers of Adoption

The Breakaway MethodTM

Breakaway adoptions solutions specializes in customized simulations (including gamification), instructor-led training, go-live support services.

Adoption and STEPS


If we transform how we use EHRs, patients will spend less time waiting for results and providing historical information to their clinicians and more time focusing o their own health and well-being. clinicians will also experience less frustration over inefficiencies and errors.


Effective use of an EHR will decrease medical errors, improve patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes.

Electronic secure data:

EHR adoption will ensure the data and reports are accurate and valuable in guiding us to improve quality of care.

Patient engagement + Poulation management:

The use of data from EHRs can drive better adherence to evidence-based medicine and preventative care.


Achieving a high level of adoption quickly allows the clinicians to get back to treating patients instead of struggling with the technology.

  • Healthcare IT experts since 1999
  • Research-based methodology
  • Educated over 1.5 million healthcare employees using our methodology
  • We improve adoption of new technology
  • EHR,RIS/PACS, ERP, Rev Cycle, Onboarding, Compliance, Medical devices
  • Vendor agnostic

After deciding to undertake a significant investment of time and budget in replacing or consolidating an EHR, there will no doubt be discussion about how to manage the project and all of the supporting requirements for such a large initiative.  One major area to determine is how to train the entire group of impacted end users in your organization.  This is a challenge for all resource-constrained organizations, no matter their size or shape.

Why training matters

A well-designed training program provides users with the knowledge and proficiency needed to do their jobs after go-live.  Effective training increases confidence and reduces support costs at go-live.  Unfortunately, many organizations rely on a traditional classroom approach as their primary strategy for keeping users proficient.  Instead, applying a blended approach to education allows for better tracking of proficiency metrics, less variation in user knowledge and confidence, and most importantly, improved job performance with patients.

Ensure success with more than just training

Organizations need to aim for a higher goal than just checking “training” off the list.  The true goal is for end users to adopt the technology.  Aiming for adoption means designing the beset workflows, making sure the application is well-tested prior to implementation and throughout optimization, helping leaders support their staff through the monumental change to the work day, and communicating effectively to staff at all stages of the project and for the long-term use of the application.

Think long term

Many organizations don’t get much further after approving a training program designed to get them through implementation.  One key to long-term success with education is to take an approach that represents your organization, is scalable to support organization growth and change, and is repeatable to ensure that new employees receive the same great learning experience that users received at go-live.  This requires a sustainable solution and resources that remain focused on end user success.

Since 1999, Breakaway Adoption Solutions has been revolutionizing how healthcare learns, implements, and adopts new health information technology.  Breakaway has helped over 1.5 million professionals optimize the use of health IT systems.  We guarantee that our customized, scalable, repeatable learning solution will establish user proficiency in any health IT application.  Our method supports healthcare organizations in adoption of new workflow applications 60%-80% faster than traditional classroom education.

Leverage our research-based methodology to dramatically reduce stress and inefficiencies, eliminate guesswork, and shorten time required to attain proficiency before and after go-live, and then sustain it throughout technology, workflow, and personnel changes for years to come.