The City of Edinburgh Council Digital Services for Citizens – Case Study

Supported by Atos, the City of Edinburgh Council now offers fully automated everyday services to citizens online

In 2013, the City of Edinburgh Council set itself the target to deliver key services to citizens online in line with the ambitions set out in the Scottish Government’s ‘Scotland’s Digital Future’ strategy. It wanted to supply easy-to-use and accessible digital services.

In September 2013, the Council asked Atos to provide programme management and governance to move the programme forward. Working in a joint team with the Council, Atos provided the programme management, systems integration and change management expertise needed to support and deliver the new online services within challenging timeframes.

Atos worked intensively with Council departments, third parties and other local government agencies to keep the project on track. The agile ways of working managed by Atos meant it could deliver at pace. Instead of theoretical specifications, users and suppliers could see and use live prototypes. Given that so much was completely new, this ‘show me not tell me’ approach produced rapid progress while also ensuring that solutions exactly met users’ needs and expectations.

The benefits of the programme are already becoming evident, with significant take-up of the new systems and over 28,000 people registered to use the website. Additionally, over 80,000 citizens have been matched with Council Tax, Benefits or Rent records. A process to validate the information held on citizens is identifying the date of births for around 1,000 Council Tax payers a week.

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The City of Edinburgh Council Digital Services for Citizens – Case Study

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