Memory without failure for Informadis – Case Study


Informadis moves to full flash storage with Dell EMC and Atos

Subsidiary of the E. Leclerc group, for which it is the authorised IT provider, Informadis has selected the XtremIO solution of Dell EMC, integrated by Atos, for a reliable, sustainable and competitive response to the large storage volumes needed to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

As the company responsible for integrating, accommodating and operating the IT environments of the entities in the E. Leclerc group, Informadis supports the evolving professional and technological requirements of its customers while maintaining impeccable service levels. Since its storage system was beginning to show signs of burnout, Informadis wanted to resolve this with a sustainable solution that would structurally strengthen the performance, availability and resilience of their platform.

Unlike the majority of users, the huge volumes managed by Informadis in their data centres are due to the coexistence of several dozen independent environments each of a moderate size, which present few opportunities for merging and essentially are made up of active transactional data. This is reflected in the strong predominance of large numbers of write operations over read operations, as well as many opportunities for deduplication.

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Memory without failure for Informadis – Case Study

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