Nimbix Supercomputing Suite

The Nimbix Supercomputing Suite is a set of flexible and secure as-a-service high-performance computing (HPC) solutions. This as-a-service model for HPC, AI, and Quantum in the cloud provides customers with access to one of the broadest HPC and supercomputing portfolios, from hardware to bare metal-as-a-service to the democratization of advanced computing in the cloud across public and private data centers.

Elastic supercomputing


Pay-as-you-go, on-demand, secure, and scalable supercomputing through a single user interface.


Leverage powerful dedicated BullSequana HPC servers as bare metal-as-a-service for the best of infrastructure and on-demand scalability, convenience, and agility.


Federated supercomputing-as-a-service offers a unified service console to manage all compute zones and regions in a public or private HPC, AI, and supercomputing federation.

Atos launches Nimbix Supercomputing Suite

Building on recent Nimbix acquisition, suite delivers industry-first federated supercomputing services, adds dedicated Atos BullSequana as-a-service offerings

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HyperHub™ Application Marketplace

HyperHub application marketplace

Nimbix Supercomputing Suite allows you access to HyperHub Application Marketplace, our high-performance marketplace with over 1,000 applications and workflows.

Dassault Systemes software

“This is an exciting announcement, bringing the breadth of Nimbix service offerings to the full range of Atos solutions. Cloud continues to grow across all of enterprise computing, but especially in HPC and AI, the primary goal is still reaching new insights. The range of Nimbix Supercomputing Suite allows organizations to choose the type of cloud-immersed deployment that makes the most sense, depending on the workflow, whether it’s utility computing on-demand, federating workloads across multiple clouds, or simply converting on-premises systems to cloud models of accounting and operations. This is a trend we’ve definitely got our eyes on going forward, and Atos’ complete range of services should get a lot of attention.”

Intersect360 Addison Snell



Addison Snell
CEO, Intersect360 Research

Need to run your own Enterprise HPC cloud?

 JARVICE XE brings industry-leading Supercomputing Cloud technology into your
data center to support advanced computing workflows

“HPC in the cloud expands access to compute, unlocking business workloads and key research applications that lead to better designed products and accelerate time to market. Enterprise users, researchers, and scientists can now leverage dedicated resources in the BullSequana XH3000 within an ‘as-a-service’ model and access to the latest high-performance and adaptive AMD data center technologies; this provides customers the performance and agility they need to support a wider base of HPC, AI, and data-intense use cases in any industry”.




Kumaran Siva
Corporate VP, Software & Systems Business Development, AMD