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The most innovative workspace for in-memory computing

Combination of extremely innovative and exclusive technologies, Bullion is the only range of x86 servers capable of responding flexibly, securely and cost-effectively to all your challenges.
Based on a reliable, powerful thus modular architecture – from 2 to 16 Intel® Xeon® E7 v4 processors and up to 24TB of memory – Bullion addresses extreme demands that are often believed to be completely irreconcilable: performance and elasticity, reliability and cost control.

Designed for Big data and massive in-memory processing.
Powered by Intel® Xeon® processors

Optimize your Data Center with Bullion

Designed for private Cloud, generating efficiencies, towards tomorrow’s Data Center.

Your organization is turning extensively to digital and the data center is the cornerstone of this change. Is it ready for the challenge?

Modernize your information systems with Bullion

Reliability & performance, scalability & cost savings, modernization & openness.
To develop and deploy new applications, your IT has to be agile.
Are your infrastructures really compatible with innovation?

Reliability and performance
Bullion feeds on Bull’s extensive experience in mainframes and the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Scalability and cost savings
Easily reconfigurable from 2 to 16 cores, with 48 GB to 24 TB of memory, Bullion offers unrivalled scalability. Its density, ease of operation and energy performance all help to slash licensing, maintenance and energy costs.

Modernization and openness
Around Bullion, Bull offers a range of services to support information systems modernization, including Liber, its unique approach to industrial-scale migration of legacy applications.

Make sense of your data with Bullion

The real-time age, ready for In-Memory

Bullion for Big Data
Opening up unprecedented new options for data analysis, big data is turning the relationship between the organization and its information upside down. So many new challenges for your infrastructure to deal with!

The Bullion solution…
Benefiting from Bull’s experience in High-Performance Computing, Bullion not only delivers computing performance, but also high-speed I/O, so it can respond reliably to the extreme requirements of real-time flows.

Ready for in-memory
The world’s fastest x86 server, Bullion has exceptional memory. Offering up to 24TB, it is the ideal platform for In-Memory Analytics, which significantly boosts the performance of BI systems. Bull has established many partnerships with ISVs to optimize theirs solutions on the Bullion platform.

Bullion portfolio

The whole family of Bullion servers

Since late 2010, Bull portfolio propose different Bullion models with many exceptional technology innovations to meet IT departments’ current demands.

The Bullion S range:

The Bullion S range is composed of four differents models S2, S4, S8, S16.
This state of the art range is powered by Intel® Xeon® E7v4 processors

Bullion features>>

Even if Bullion S range is now powered by state of the art processors, at the date of the introduction it was powered by Intel® Xeon® E7v3 processors and  Intel® Xeon® E7v2 processors . Those models are still available, sold and shipped enabling existing customers to expand for improve their existing capacities.

Bullion S2>>                  Bullion S4>>
Bullion S8>>                  Bullion S16>>

Bullion S2 E7v2>>        Bullion S4 E7v2>>
Bullion S8 E7v2>>        Bullion S16 E7v2>>


Bullion was the very first model of what became the Bullion family. In the same way of capacity expansion, Bullion is still in the portfolio and available for shipping.

Bullion Red Hat®>>
Bullion VMware®>>

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