Edge Data Container

Edge Data Container: the micro data center adapted to your local IT needs


Atos Edge Data Container is an all-in-one solution, serving as a decentralized IT system, running at the edge. It is a secure, highly standardized, industrial solution. It can run autonomously in non-data center environments with no need for a white room or local IT teams to operate.

It can be customized for various purposes and can embed Atos Edge Computer Vision, Atos Edge Data Analysis applications as well as other implemented production applications.

Atos, in partnership with Rittal provides the appropriate IT infrastructure to the Edge Data Container solution.




Top features

Ready-to-Go Edge DC

(OT, IT & Solution)

Quantum computing

Variable housing

as wallmounts or 24 and 42 U, Rack packages , Safe, Room, Container solution


Scalable in size and load

Easy adoption to local site conditions

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Key benefits

Housing for additional equipment as IT, Storage, networking…



Install on site without hassle

Provides protection against physical threats, IP rating, access control, climate control, fire protection, condition monitoring,…


Large range of solutions: wallmounts, racks, safes, room or container

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