Trustway DataProtect KMS

A complete key management solution and data encryption platform

Trustway DataProtect KMS

Trustway DataProtect KMS is a data protection solution with a centralized key management platform enhanced with data access control and monitoring features.

Trustway DataProtect KMS with its various standardized interface allows you to manage keys and provides encryption services for all applications of your company on every environment (cloud, virtual, on-premises).

Trustway DataProtect KMS ensure easy Information System (IS) audit and a meticulous access control on encrypted data.

Strong of our knowledge in our tamperproof infrastructure, we are providing you a key management solution based on hardware infrastructure which meets the strictest international standards and brings the highest level of confidentiality.

Regardless of its location, be it stored in a database, file server, application, traditional or virtualized data center, or public cloud environment, your sensitive data is secure from compromise.

To guarantee you a total data protection and a full needs covering, Trustway DataProtect KMS is supporting a broad encryption ecosystem.

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Unified solution

Based on a HSM architecture, this centralized platform provides a key management solution and data encryption services for all the applications of your infrastructure, compliant with your security policy.

Cost efficiency

Lower the cost of key management and data encryption with centralized key management solution and automated operations. Enhanced by monitoring and granular access control features, it guarantees a unique data protection policy for your company and reduce cost of compliance and audit.

Bull cyber Trust compliance

Simplify compliance

Efficiently audit key management practices, save staff time, and simplify attainment of compliance mandates with efficient, centralized auditing of key management practices such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA

Heterogeneous key management

Manage keys for a variety of encryption products including tokenization, and applications as well as self-encrypting drives, tape archives, Storage Area Networks, and a growing list of vendors supporting the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standard.

Full lifecycle key support and automated operations

Simplify the management of encryption keys across the entire lifecycle including secure key generation, storage and backup, key distribution, deactivation and deletion. Automated, policy driven operations simplify key expiry and rotation tasks.

Centralized administration of granular access

Authorization controls and separation of duties. Unify key management operations across multiple encryption deployments and products, while ensuring administrators are restricted roles defined for their scope of responsibilities, from a centralized management console. Also, Trustway Key Manager can utilize existing LDAP or AD directories to map administrative and key access for application and end users.

High-availability and intelligent key sharing

Deploy in flexible, high-availability configurations within an operations center and across geographically dispersed centers or service provider environments using an active-active mode of clustering.

Auditing and logging

Detailed logging and audit tracking of all key state changes, administrator access and policy changes. Audit trails are securely stored and signed for non-repudiation and can be consumed by leading 3rd party SIEM tools.

Third-party Integration

► Analytics: IBM Qradar, HPE ArcSight, Splunk, RSA Security Analytics, Above Security

► Application servers: IBM WebSphere, Oracle Weblogic, Microsoft IIS, Apache Tomcat, Red Hat JBoss

► Backup solutions: Commvault Simpana, Symantec NetBackup (via NetApp)

► Cloud storage: Nutanix, Amazon Web Services S3, DropBox, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, NetApp Cloud ONTAP, NetApp AltaVault, Panzura Storage Controller

► Cloud Access Security Brokers: CipherCloud, SkyHigh Networks, Perspecsys (Blue Coat), Hitachi Sepaton VTL, CSC ServiceMesh, Netskope

► Databases: MS SQL Server (EKM), Oracle (TDE), IBM DB2, Oracle MySQL, Oracle Database, Teradata

► File and disk encryption: PKware, MongoDB

► Identity Management: Centrify Privilege Service

► Key Managers: Hadoop KMS, CloudEra Navigator Key Trustee Server

► Physical storage: NetApp NSE, Dell Compellent (SC and XC), HPE MSL/ESL Tape Libraries, HPE 3Par StoreServ, HPE XP7, Hitachi VSP, Hitachi HUS, Hitachi RAID700, IBM XIV SED, Quantum Scalar Series(i6000, i500 & i40/80),Viasat, Brocade FS8-18.

HSM Certifications

Common Criteria EAL4+ compliant with CWA 14167-2 PP
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (in progress)
«Qualification Renforcée» (the highest qualification from the ANSSI)
Compliant with eIDAS

Cryptographics characteristics

Max keys: 1,000,000
Max concurrent clients per cluster: 1,000
HSM integration: Yes


LDAP and Active Directory

API support

Net XML open interface

KMIP standard

Appliance administration

Secure Web-based GUI, Command Line Interface


SNMP (v1, v2, and v3), NTP, URL health check, signed secure logs & syslog, automatic log rotation, secured encrypted and integrity checked backups and upgrades, extensive statistics

Trustway DataProtect offers a comprehensive data protection solution to guarantee data security and the control on the data access.

This solution provides the customer with the tools to the capabilities to encrypt all the data format as Virtual Machine, Database, File system, Application and Tokenization. Trustway DataProtect is a complete solution for cloud, virtual and on-premises infrastructures and is compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations as GDPR, HIPAA or PCI DSS.

Trustway DataProtect DB >>

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect DB brings to your organization a total protection of your database in the datacenter and the cloud thanks to a centralized control of data access and a regular key rotation. Data field to encrypt is directly selected by you.

Trustway DataProtect App >>

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect App is a highly-secured application encryption’s solution which centralizes administration of application encryption policy and keys. This solution is suitable for a large range of web applications’ servers and company applications.

Trustway DataProtect VM >>

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect VM brings a complete cloud data protection which guarantees to your organization a secure migration to the cloud, ensures only authorized users to access information, and meets compliance mandates. With this solution, you can now isolate and totally control your virtual machine instances.

Trustway DataProtect File >>

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect File ensures data protection through fully automated file encryption of unstructured data contained in network drives and file servers. Your files can not be read by unauthorized users anymore.

Trustway DataProtect Token >>

Connected to Trustway DataProtect KMS, Trustway DataProtect Token solution protects sensitive information by replacing it with a surrogate value that preserves the length and format of the original data. This solution can be used to secure for instance credit cards, social security numbers, etc. It can be deployed across cloud, virtual and on-premises environments.

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Trustway DataProtect KMS: A complete key management and data encryption platform

Trustway DataProtect KMS is a centralized key management platform enhanced with data access control and monitoring features.

Atos Trustway DataProtect


Download: Securing your end to end infrastructure with unified encryption

Discover Trustway DataProtect, a data protection solution, which secure your data regardless of their location, be they stored in a database, file server, application, traditional or virtualized data center, or public cloud environment.

Atos cybersecurity Trustway DataProtect Prevent ransomware

White paper

Download: Prevent ransomware attacks from taking down your business and defend your data

Drastic emergency situations provide a conducive environment for criminals to perform cyberattacks. Ransomware attacks today are clearly on the rise and the risk of organizationssensitive data being stolen is higher. Read our whitepaper to find out more about ransomware and how to protect your sensitive data.

Atos Brochure Trustway_HSM hardware Security Module


Trustway HSM: Data Security – Choosing the right path through compliance

Compliant, flexible and innovative, our Hardware Security Module range brings to companies and critical infrastructures the reliability of an innovative and robust architecture in compliance with strict security demands.


Trustway DataProtect range

Trustway DataProtect App

Trustway DataProtect App provides an interface for key management operations, as well as application-level encryption of sensitive data
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Trustway DataProtect DB

Trustway DataProtect DB brings to your organization a total protection of your database in the datacenter and the cloud
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Trustway DataProtect File

Trustway DataProtect File provides transparent and automated file system-level encryption of file servers or shares
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Trustway DataProtect VM

Trustway DataProtect VM empowers you to secure your data and prove compliance across cloud-enabled environments
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Trustway DataProtect Token

Trustway DataProtect Token is a solution to protect your sensitive information by replacing it with a surrogate value that preserves the length and format of the original data, the easiest way for data masking
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