Trustway Chronos

IP network security for sensitive data exchange

How can you enhance the security of your sensitive networks?

Cyberattacks are increasingly aggressive and targeted, meaning no organization is safe. Technology is evolving rapidly and with it, the cyber weapons at the disposal of hackers.

The security of sensitive data exchange and communications are essential to maintaining national security. This is particularly true of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and the organizations and agencies that depend upon it.

Trustway Chronos has been specially designed to help sensitive organizations secure the flow of sensitive data and communications and meets the requirements of data protection regulations like LPM and GDPR.

Atos Cybersecurity Trustway Chronos Network Security

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High-level security

Trustway Chronos is certified to the highest encryption level (“Confidential Defense”) to protect communications and sensitive data exchange on the network.

Strong security protocols

Trustway Chronos uses IPSec protocol and provides security services for sensitive data exchange: encryption of data flows, embedded flows, anti-replay management and event logging.

Bull cyber Trust compliance

Regulatory compliant

Trustway Chronos meets stringent regulatory requirements such as the French Military Programming Law (LPM) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires companies to take appropriate measures for infrastructure and data protection.

To fight today’s cyber threats and stay compliant with regulations, Atos developed the Trustway Chronos network encryption solution with support of the French Ministry of Defense and the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI). Trustway Chronos has the highest encryption level — Confidential Defense — and is used to protect the most critical parts of France’s national communications infrastructure.

Trustway Chronos is used by critical national infrastructure (CNI) providers and the defense industry, and meets the requirements of the French Military Programming Law (LPM).

Trustway Chronos is available in three interoperable encryption platforms ranging from 250 Mbits/s to 10 Gbits/s. It includes a complete management infrastructure which offers centralized device customization, security policy definition and distribution, and events management:

  • Trustway Chronos encryptor: Trustway Chronos encryptor can reach a speed of up to 2,250 Mbits/s. Its design can be put on a bay as well as on a table.
  • Trustway Hi Chronos encryptor: Trustway Hi Chronos encryptor can have a speed of up to 2,900 Mbits/s. It is specially designed to protect sites requiring high speeds.
  • Trustway X Chronos encryptor: Trustway X Chronos encryptor performs with a throughput level that can reach 2.8 Gbits/s. It is perfectly compatible with all equipment from the Trustway Chronos range.

Management infrastructure

  • Technical Secret Generation (TSG) Offline workstation ensures the generation of initial secret elements, encryption equipment and their packaging on removable media
  • Technical Domain Manager (TDM) Online workstation guarantees a secure distribution of the safety policy defined by the Information Systems Security Officer
  • Technical Event Manager (TEM) Online workstation manages events issued by the encryption equipment

TDM and TSG are each associated with a dedicated cryptographic resource

  • Ethernet BaseT 2 x 10/100/1000
  • 300 simultaneous VPN
Fail-safe erasure systems
  • Encryptor fail-safe desensitization mechanism
Radiation protection
  • “SDIP 27 Level B” compliant
  • Certified to the level “Confidential Defense” and equivalents – “Confidential NATO”, “Confidential EU” and “Confidential EUROCOR”
  • Certified to the level of “Restricted Circulation” and equivalents – “Restricted Circulation NATO”, “Restricted Circulation EU” and “Restricted Circulation EUROCOR”

Any acquisition of a Trustway Chronos requires a preliminary agreement from ANSSI (France’s National Cybersecurity Agency).


The encryption modules handle datagrams of the unicast IPv4 protocol

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Trustway Chronos: Securing flows and network protection

Atos has developed a high security network solution to protect communications and sensitive data exchange on the network. Trustway chronos is a IP network encryption solution dedicated to French “Opérateurs d’Importance Vitale” (OIV) and industrial weapons.


Compliance and security for your data in motion

Trustway VPN (IPSec) ensures total security for your data exchanges on the network and protects hacking. This solution is compliant with your enterprise safety policy and data protection regulations.


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