HSM – Hardware Security Module

Data protection for distribution system operators

How to meet the security requirements of the distribution system operators standards?

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) carry energy from their generation sites to the place of their consumption. Their roles make them ideal targets for cyberattacks: Linky smart meters, that are installed in every household in France, can be targeted if their security is not ensured and any failure can lead to significant financial and even human costs.
A “security by design” approach is then advised to take into account all aspects of the smart meter lifecycle.

The challenge

To meet regulatory requirements, the DSOs set up smart meters for the gas and electricity networks. These solutions integrate security provisions to protect the communication of metering data and meter settings.

Any compromise of these data could indeed directly impact financial and brand aspects of the company.

The solution

Master keys are managed in HSMs deployed on the manufacturers’ production lines, for the injection of the derived keys into the meters, and on the DSO’s information system for the security of the frames exchanged with the deployed meters.

In addition

The crypt2pay hardware security module functions for gas meters have been supplemented by key management functions of Linky meters to meet the needs of all DSOs (gas and/or electricity). The crypt2pay HSM also meets the G3-PLC, Gazpar and DLMS / COSEM standards. It is a scalable solution that can support millions of smart meters.

Why choosing our smart meters security solutions?

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We offer a centralized approach of security for smart metering projects relying on state-of-the-art hardware solutions. Security of communications, devices and life cycle management of smart meters, Atos offers to secure your end-to-end ecosystem. Do not hesitate to contact us here to discuss your project.

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