HSM – Hardware Security Module for instant payment

Data protection for banks and financial services

How can you address fraud issues in the era of instant payments?

Instant payments are playing a key role in today’s fast-paced markets. Trade is often slowed by one factor: payment delays. With this new method of payment, a transfer can be made in less than ten seconds — any time, any day of the week.

However, the immediacy of these exchanges raises a problem: if payments can be made in real time, isn’t the same true of fraud?

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The challenge

As part of the development of instant payment solutions, banks are facing increasing complexity in fighting fraudulent account-to-account transactions. The speed of transactions requires fully automated anti-fraud measures, with no manual review options.

The solution

Tokenization mechanisms have already been successfully implemented to secure card payment transactions. Primary account number (PAN) tokenization can also protect instant payments.

The account number is replaced by a number (token) specific to the instant payment. Thus, the real account number is no longer exposed to theft and the token can be used without modifying the existing ecosystem, possibly with appropriate control parameters.

In addition

IBAN encryption and decryption features with format preservation have been added to the Crypt2pay hardware security module to provide a means to tokenize the account number.

Why choose our instant payment security solutions?

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The benefits of tokenization are not limited to the protection of credentials. For more information on what we can do to secure and protect your private data, contact us today!

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