HSM – Hardware Security Module

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HSM Trustway Proteccio OEM

Hardware Security Module Trustway Proteccio™ OEM provides every software editor and system integrator with an open and secure hardware platform to customize your own cryptographic appliances.

Bringing a security application to a Linux operating system within the secure boundaries of the HSM Trustway Proteccio OEM has never been so innovative and so easy.

HSM Trustway Proteccio OEM

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Porting your application

No single hardware security module vendor alone can meet all market needs in the world. At Atos, our strategy is to be truly platform open, going a step beyond merely being platform agnostic. We give editors the ability to embed their previously server-hosted appliance directly on a proven cryptographic security co-processor evaluated against international certifications.

High security

The main technical and security benefit is the all-in-one concept developed by Trustway Proteccio, which greatly simplifies the operating mode of the cryptographic appliance unique to each end customer site. The key business benefit for editors is complete control of their business model, with no interference whatsoever from the HSM vendor.


In order to address a wide variety of performance and cost requirements, you have the flexibility to choose from two variants, while the editors’ cryptographic appliance still delivers the same security-certified cryptographic hardware and firmware.

Certified high security: the Trustway Proteccio HSM hardware and software is designed, implemented and manufactured totally by Atos in France. CC EAL4+ certification, Reinforced Qualification (ANSSI QR)*, NATO SECRET and EU RESTRICTED agreements cover hardware and software implementation. FIPS 140-2 level 3 is currently in progress.
*V128/X130 et N° 198/ANSSI/SDE/PSS/BQA version.

Virtual HSM: Trustway Proteccio provides a secure platform to embed your software. Your software will benefit from a tamper-proof, CC EAL4+ certified environment. Code is signed to guarantee code integrity and prevent unauthorized code execution. All sensitive data used by your application are strongly protected by the physical architecture of the Trustway Proteccio hardware security module.

Cryptographic appliance: The Trustway Proteccio is the only HSM that provides the opportunity to offer a cryptographic appliance that embeds the entire environment, operating system and application. You have a real execution environment (HDD, RAM, MicroChip) with a dedicated USB interface and Ethernet. You can deploy your application on just one piece of equipment for simple installation into the customer environment.

Manageability: Trustway Proteccio comes with a user friendly application to administer, configure and manage the HSM, including security policy, user rights, key management, SM configuration and updates.


Common Criteria EAL4+ compliant with CWA 14167-2 PP
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (in progress)
«Qualification Renforcée» (the highest qualification from the ANSSI)
Compliant with eIDAS


Asymmetric encryption: RSA
Symmetric encryption: AES 128 to 256, 3DES
Digital Signing: RSA PSS, PKCS v1.5, ECDSA
Hash: MD5, SHA-1, SHA 256, SHA 384, SHA 512
Supported named curves: ANSI, NIST, ANSSI


Asymmetric: Up to 1600 sign/s
Symmetric: Up to 200Mbits encrypted per second


Dual Ethernet port for LAN connection
4 x USB ports

Editor’s package

Editor dev platform (development platform + signature platform)
– HR
– XT

► Appliance (final client)

– HR
– XT

Additional virtual HSM license

Additional batch of cards

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