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How can you choose the right high-tech and rugged devices for optimal protection?

Since 1971, Elexo is an expert distributor of rugged devices (rugged laptops and tablets) and high-tech professionalelectronic components for data processing and telecommunication, specializing in the following areas:

Rugged laptops PC, rugged tablets and rugged PDAs

Test and analysis, network and telecom measurement

Forensic and security

Radio frequency and microwave

Elexo Distribution of secured and rugged devices

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Security, rugged devices, telecom, radio frequency and forensic solutions

Our catalog is based on products from global manufacturers that are recognized leaders in high-quality new technologies. By partnering with Elexo, these manufacturers can provide customers with real added value for their products.

The recognized quality of these products (rugged laptops, rugged tablets, telecom, measurement systems, etc.), combined with Elexo’s skilled technical and commercial teams, make us one of the best suppliers of advanced technical solutions.

Elexo is committed to providing complete customer service on a global scale, including product selection advice, demonstrations, skills transfer, training, after-sales service and maintenance, software updates, and technical support services.

Rugged and semi-rugged laptops

A rugged laptop PC is an industrial PC designed for fall protection and internally designed to withstand heavy field use. A rugged laptop PC allows readability in direct sunlight or at night, and protects against salt fogs. It generally meets military standards (MIL-STD-810G), TEMPEST and ATEX regulations, temperature differences and IP rating.

Atos offers a wide range of rugged laptops and semi-rugged laptops from leading manufacturers. Our Elexo experts support you in choosing the rugged devices that meet your needs, and we customize them according to your specific requirements for industrial, aeronautical and military applications.

Rugged laptops PC

Atos cyber security Elexo rugged laptop PC

Rugged PDAs and rugged tablets

A rugged PDA or rugged tablet is designed for mobile use in any environment — even the most extreme. They provide you with ease of use (hands-free) during onsite interventions and your data is processed in real time. Due to severe environmental demands, they meet military standards (MIL-STD), temperature differences and IP index.

Atos offers a range of rugged PDAs and rugged tablets from leading manufacturers. Elexo’s experts help you choose the best rugged equipment for your needs and customize it to meet your specific requirements.

Rugged PDAs and rugged tablets

Atos cyber security Elexo rugged tablet

Test and measurement

The recognized quality of the products we offer, as well as the competence and specialization of our technical and commercial teams makes us a leading supplier of technical solutions for testing, analysis and network and telecom measurement equipment.

Elexo’s expertise in network and telecommunications includes:

  • Network diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
  • GigaStor retrospective network analysis
  • Copper or fiber optic network TAPs for traffic duplication
  • Programmable filtering matrix, aggregators
  • LAN, WAN and SAN protocol analyzer
  • Wi-Fi and spectrum analyzers
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) analyzer
  • IP network impairment simulator
  • Quality of service analysis (QoS) and response time

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Elexo Test and measurement network and telecom

Elexo Test and measurement network and telecom

Forensic and security

The Elexo forensic and security department offers a range of products and services for digital investigation and cybersecurity. The combination of high-quality products and skilled teams provides an unmatched solution in these areas.

Our forensic and security expertise:

  • UFED digital investigation software for mobile phone, smartphone and tablet retrievals
  • UFED Analytics numerical analysis software
  • UFED Cloud solutions
  • Write-blockers, adapters and duplicators for digital investigation
  • Internet Evidence Finder for digital analysis and investigation
  • Media recovery for forensic duplication

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Forensic and security in digital investigation

Forensic and security in digital investigation

Radio frequency and microwave

Elexo is a leader in the distribution of active and passive coax, guides or CMS components for all radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter appliances, as well as supplying systems and test benches.
We offer a wide range of expertise, service and solutions to use these technologies for maximum effectiveness.

Our RF and microwave expertise includes:

  • Amplifiers, multiplexers, duplexers, filters
  • Delay lines
  • Phase shifters
  • PIN/NIP diode
  • Synthesizers, VCO, YIG
  • Flexible and hard waveguide components
  • DRO
  • Antennas
  • Calibration kits
  • RF sources and Rubidium substitute
  • Microwave subsets
  • Microwave incorporation
  • All types of cables, connectors and subsystems
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Radio Frequency and Microwave

Radio Frequency and Microwave

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  • Technical Support: support@elexo.fr
  • System installation and start-up
  • Hardware maintenance and software update
  • Certified training (provider number: 11 91 01249 91)
  • New product seminars and newsletters


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