Internet of Things security

Meet the security challenges of the IoT

Webinar: How to secure end-to-end IoT communication? Use case on LoRa Network with Bouygues Telecom

If you are a looking to secure your future IoT network or if you are willing to learn about effective solutions to secure Data communication, do not hesitate to watch the recording of our webinar.

You are looking to secure your IoT Platform and want to guarantee data integrity and confidentiality throughout its journey. You want to know:

• How to maintain a high level of security on your IoT platform and data
• What are the main criteria to choose a security platform
• How to handle the security features of the LoRa Network

Watch the recording of our webinar with a use case jointly presented with Bouygues Telecom. 

To view and listen to the recorded webinar, please fill in with your details and click on register on the left side of the page!

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