Secure communication for offshore wind farms

Safety you can rely on

Extreme environments call for extremely reliable communication solutions. This is especially true if staff working in such environments have to be permanently on the alert, as is the case at offshore wind farms – prime examples of large and critical infrastructures in remote and dangerous areas. Open Interactive Graphic
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Find out how voice and data communication, tracking and resource management is coordinated over various on- and offshore assets

The efficient and safe installation and operation of offshore wind farms depends on the seamless interaction of many employees, no matter how far away from established communication networks they may be.

With its secured communication tool for offshore wind farms, Atos’ product suite TETRA for Critical Infrastructure (TCI) makes an important contribution to keeping your offshore facilities safe and secure by enabling you to set up a reliable, streamlined network. Based on the mission-critical wireless industry standard TETRA, it provides a variety of applications for voice and data communication and also includes workflow and workforce management functions.

The challenge


One of the most important factors for secure and efficient offshore operations is a flexible, reliable, and safe communication platform that allows users to coordinate the required interplay of operations.

The solution


Atos’ product suite TCI for offshore wind farms provides highly reliable and secured communication, even in locations where standard terrestrial communication systems, such as GSM, are not available.
The communication infrastructure is enhanced by a tailor-made application portfolio, acting as communication endpoint for the operator.

Thanks to a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) extension, your offshore crew’s efficiency can be significantly increased by an effective fleet management. Automated emergency scenarios provide maximum safety in hazardous environments, ensuring that there really is zero harm for anybody involved.


Secure and reliable communication – wherever you need it

TCI provides you with a flexible and reliable connection of all the staff you need for efficient operation. It links installation staff on site, on vessels and in harbors, as well as service teams, marine and project coordinators, officials, and many other stakeholders – irrespective of the type of established communication network.

Efficient situation awareness – maximum safety at all times

TCI enables you to act fast and efficiently in everyday routines but also in emergency situations. In addition to the voice dispatching system, the geographic information system (GIS) allows you to accurately pinpoint employees, vessels, and equipment.

Intelligent fleet management – boosting efficiency

Detailed planning of resources and activities is the basis of success. Thanks to its remote managing capability, TCI significantly increases the overall efficiency of your crew. The planning data is evaluated and compared to the real-time operating data from the field, providing efficient tooling for performance optimization.

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