Digital Hybrid Cloud

The Bridge from Software-Defined Data Center to Hyperscalers

Close that gap in the Clouds:

Seamlessly extend your corporate environment to public clouds.

Leverage the reach, flexibility, resilience, and cost saving potential of public cloud – without the operational complexity and commercial hurdles – and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Easier cloud migration
  • Sidestep the skills shortage
  • Enforce security posture uniformly
  • Support application modernization
  • Move workloads in a controlled way

of organizations using cloud have
a cloud-first strategy (Gartner)

expect to have the majority
of their workloads on the
cloud by the end of 2020

plan to be cloud-only (AllCloud)

A truly integrated hybrid cloud –

Rapidly deployable, fully managed platform by Atos OneCloud and built on VMware technology.


The next stage in the evolution of hybrid cloud is a unified software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture, spanning private and public cloud services and supported by professional and managed services.

Bringing together the best of all worlds – allowing traditional Software-Defined Data Center -based workloads and containers to operate side by side.

In collaboration with VMware


It is a single corporate-public environment based on VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). delivered as Digital Hybrid Cloud on AWS, Azure, or Google, and consumed by the customer as an end-to-end managed service.

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Cloud is now the norm


Organizations believe cloud can transform their business – increasing their agility, accelerating change, and opening up new possibilities for digital services.

However, as many organizations are finding adopting cloud can be far from straightforward. The sheer number of options can be bewildering. The operational, organizational and commercial benefits often prove elusive. And it can be difficult to get corporate environments working seamlessly with public clouds. Organizations seem to be lacking a way to unify corporate and public cloud environments – one that delivers the desired benefits but avoids the difficulties.

In our opinion, the next stage in the evolution of hybrid cloud is a unified software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture, spanning private and public cloud services and supported by professional and managed services.

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  • The challenges in embracing public cloud
  • The solution: a truly integrated hybrid cloud
  • Use cases for such a solution

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Cloud-native offers the key to business success. To compete and win, you need to ensure your investment in new cloud-native apps maximizes the true potential and promise of ‘digital’ as quickly as possible.

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