Introduction of LumApps Solutions

LumApps solutions create a digital workplace that helps organizations to transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and engage with their employees.

Leading companies rely on LumApps Social and Collaborative Employee Communication Platform to make their teams more productive and unite employees around a global culture.

This contributes to smarter, more efficient, and better-connected workforces around the world.

More information about LumApps

LumApps – The Employee Communication Platform

Connect, collaborate and engage your employees with LumApps Social Collaborative Intranet. And then turn all your informed and engaged employees into powerful brand advocates with LumApps Employee Social Advocacy.

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Key Features

LumApps Social Collaborative Intranet is designed to connect, inform and engage employees inside a single hub simplifying access to:

A corporate portal for top-down communications where employees have access to relevant, personalized and multilingual content according to their profile and location.

An enterprise social network for horizontal discussions which creates social workspaces centered around common interests or business project collaboration.

OpenScape Conference Center

Collaboration tools integration (with suites like O365 or Google Workspace) offering unified and simplified experiences in an employee hub.

Employee Social Advocacy to turn engaged employees into powerful brand advocates, build brand image and amplify corporate reach on social media.

Reasons why Atos recommends LumApps

Atos deliver cloud technology solutions to large enterprises facing complex challenges, and implement digital transformation tools that provide better communication and collaboration within their customer organizations. With LumApps, Atos and Maven Wave add to their offering a modern and innovative digital workplace that breaks down the traditional top-down model with more collaborative practices, while integrating with the customer’s collaborative suite of choice. As each customer is unique, with LumApps, Maven Wave and Atos can provide a solution that is flexible and highly customizable, making it easy to build a digital workplace that matches the client’s identity and values.

Reference case, based on Maven Wave experience

Maven Wave is part of the Atos group and has already driven LumApps implementation and adoption at significant customers like National Geographic and Verizon Media. In each case, shared customers benefit from a proven approach built and tested over the years, which includes designing the future of employee experience, defining and building the content management strategy, as well as the integration with the rest of their IT application ecosystem. Maven Wave brings its experience in change management to ensure adoption and success for the LumApps project.

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