Google Workspace

Reach your colleagues wherever they are


The mail client, used by more than a billion users, tailored for your business. Move your company to Google Workspace and retain your domain ( so you can keep working with your mail. Secure and ad free.


Manage your workday, access shared calendars to check availability and automatically send out invites to new meetings.


Engage employees. Have meaningful discussions. Build a productive community where everyone stays on the same page.


Chat helps teams collaborate easily and efficiently, with threaded conversations, dedicated virtual rooms to house projects and bots to automate mundane tasks.


With Google Voice, you get a phone number for calls, text messages and voicemail. You can use this number to dial domestically and internationally using your web browser and mobile devices or receive calls.


Connect with your team with easy-to-join video calls, where you can meet face to face without the added cost of travel.

Everything you need to bring your project to life


Create, share, edit and collaborate on documents with powerful online and offline word processing capabilities and no need to manage versions.


Work quickly in a spreadsheet interface with complex data processing capabilities. Work in the same sheet at the same time with no need to manage versions.


Collaborate and create beautiful presentations to share your ideas. Work in the same presentation at the same time as your team without managing multiple versions.


Create interactive surveys or registration forms within a simple interface.


Build an intranet, team website or project website to provide employees access to certain documents with no coding required. Atos also offers training, design and build services for Google Sites.


Spark creativity on an interactive whiteboard that stores your work in the cloud. Add items from the web or Google Drive and allow remote colleagues to collaborate through the app.


Create apps to transform your workplace. AppSheet is the intelligent, no-code app platform. The app can collect different inputs including photos, signatures, GPS location, and scanned barcodes.


Capture ideas, to-do lists and stay organized in an easy-to-use notes tool integrated with your other Google Workspace applications.

Store files and find what you need instantly

Google Drive

Store, sync and share files across the enterprise in one secure location. Enterprise licenses include unlimited storage. You can store files up to 5TB in size. While advanced DLP features protect your information.

Cloud search

Easily find the information you need, as soon as you need it. Search across all of your company content in Google Workspace and optionally, extend your search to other content repositories like SAP or Salesforce.

Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily

Endpoint management

Keep your company’s devices secure with Google Endpoint Management. You can require screen locks, erase confidential data with device wipe and much more for Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.


Data retention and eDiscovery for Google Workspace. Export messages needed for litigation and preserve information past standard retention periods.

Admin console

Via the Google Admin Console and the Google APIs, Atos maintains the Google Workspace settings to keep your data safe while providing the best workplace experience for your users.

Work insights

Google Workspace surface insights on adoption, work patterns, and collaboration across different Google Workspace apps. Atos configure the service to match your organization structure.

Security Center

The security center provides advanced security information and analytics and added visibility and control into security issues affecting your domain. Atos monitor the configuration of Google Admin console settings from the security health page and uses the investigation tool to identify, triage, and take action on security and privacy issues in your domain.

Reimagine how teams collaborate with Google Workspace

Google Workspace is one consistent set of tools to make working together a whole lot easier. Google Workspace has all the tools to connect colleagues wherever they are, to create everything you need, to access and find all files quickly while users, devices and data are securely controlled according to your policies.

Google Workspace licences

Google offers 3 types of licences.
Depending on the intended usage and required security model you pick for the licences shown below.

Enterprise Essentials

Boost teamwork with collaboration and communication tools: Google Meet, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites and Keep. These include advanced security and management controls like Security Center, Endpoint management and Google Vault.

Enterprise Standard

Complete suite of productivity and collaboration apps with unlimited storage and enterprise-grade security and management. Includes Gmail, Calendar, Cloud Search and all services as mentioned by Essentials.

Enterprise Plus

Add the more advanced security and compliance controls to Google Workspace. Includes Cloud Search for third party repositories, geolocation of your data, security center, work insights, S/MIME, AppSheet, Connected sheets and more.

For more detailed comparison see Google website.

For SMB organisations up to 300 users additional licence plans are available. See Google website

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