What is a Chromebook

A Chromebook runs Google’s Chrome OS, which is the recognizable Chrome browser extended to the operating system. A Chromebook is fully managed in the cloud. This means that with a Chromebook you do not have to worry about things like virus updates, local backups, software updates, or OS updates, as it all runs in the cloud.

Unique aspects of a Chromebook

A Chromebook with Chrome OS is a unique device that already has transformed the way people think about a computer. This is due to the unique characteristics like:

  • Chrome browser; Leverage the world’s leading browser
  • Android Apps; Use enterprise apps from managed Google Play
  • Thin client concept; Access Windows apps via VDI
  • Lightweight OS; Start fast, stay fast
  • Long battery life; Keep working all day
  • Persistent session; Continuity across devices
  • AI & ML; Technology that learns from you
  • Form factors; Enable touch + tablet use cases

3 reasons to use a Chromebook

Session Border Controller

Secure by design

No applications or data has to remain on the device


The device starts within 8 seconds and remains fast over time

Smart investment

Experience in the field shows a low TCO

The overall reason for a Chromebook, is that the Chromebook completes the cloud based workplace. Users can complete the move to a cloud based workplace, resulting in a greater user experience overall.

Chromebook readiness

Readiness scan

Chromebooks are a great fit for users who mainly work in the cloud e.g. by using Google Workspace, web based Office 365 or by using VDI solutions like Citrix or Workspace ONE. While many applications run in a web browser (Salesforce, SAP, Successfactors etc.) some users may still need (custom) local desktop apps. The Atos readiness scan determines how many users can benefit from Chromebook usage.

Achieving workplace simplicity and agility with secure, high-performance clients

Read in our brochure how Intel-powered Chrome OS Enterprise are enabling simplicity and choice for “anywhere work” through Atos Digital Workplace services.

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Other Chrome devices

Acer Chromebox: CXI3-I58GKM



Based on your device peripherals needs and country requirements Atos selects together with the Chromebook vendor, the most logical model. As a reference the following device peripherals are provided.




Chrome Enterprise upgrade licence

To manage devices running Chrome OS from the Google Admin console, you need to order the Chrome Enterprise licence. The licence provides the ability to enroll devices, configure settings and apply policies to devices in your organization.

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