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Leverage our agile consulting methodologies and proof-of-value sprints to transform data into profitable business insight.

Gartner believes that information-centric organizations are 20% more profitable and 110% more valuable than their less analytically driven peers.

Related Gartner research points to the challenges of becoming analytically driven: 60% of big data projects will not survive beyond the pilot stage and two thirds of organizations are not yet getting value from big data.

With Atos Codex Consulting, we support clients from the discovery stage and early pilots through to the creation of a truly analytics-driven organization.

We deliver business value at every step.

Our methodology supports you from complex challenges to value-generating solutions that deliver better business outcomes. Our consulting methodologies help you transform data into profitable insights.

“Information-centric organizations are 20% more profitable than their peers.”

Why choose Atos for data analytics insight?

With a deep knowledge of the processes and cultures of the sectors we serve, Atos is keen to uncover the specific value of analytics for our individual clients.

Combine this knowledge with outstanding technical and data-science expertise, and we are well-positioned to help you shrink the time-to-benefit of your data analytics initiatives.

Trust and compliance

Start with Proof of Value

Rapidly prove the value of a use case with clear and substantiated evidence.

Built-in Compliance

Privacy and data protection are integral to our approach.

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Execution Oriented

Quickly improve business performance and differentiation with data-driven insight.

Supported by Proven Use Cases and Analytical Solutions

Our extensive portfolio of use cases accelerates your success in analytics.

What our clients say about us


Atos Codex: Earth Observation

“Over the past two years our collaboration with Atos both in terms of technical and business collaboration allowed us to significantly grow our business.”

David Hello, CEO of TerraNIS

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As you become an analytics-driven organization, you will develop new ways of working and new service delivery models. Atos covers it all with an extended portfolio of innovative digital services.

Atos Codex Labs

Our analytics labs give you the chance to experiment with real data drawn from your industry.

Atos Codex Platform

From developing and testing prototypes through to full-scale delivery, the Atos Codex platform is ready for business.

Atos Codex Solutions

We are continually adding to our industry-specific analytics solutions.

Our experts

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Robin Zondag

Global Analytics Lead

Dominique Grelet

Head of CoE Codex

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Christophe Escande

Head of Sales Codex

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