Managed Public Cloud

Balancing agility and control

Enterprise adoption of public cloud services, principally from Google, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, has increased radically.  Gartner believe that in 2017, some 85% of enterprises will commit to multi-cloud architectures.

The incentives are clear: greater business agility, immediate scalability and reduction of traditional IT spend.

But alongside the benefits, there are clear challenges.  We see the emergence of shadow IT as decisions are localized, by geography and business function.  As a consequence, the enterprise loses visibility and control over compliance, usage and cost.

With our Managed Public Cloud services, Atos directly addresses these challenges. Managed Public Cloud gives enterprises the freedom to choose public cloud services, while introducing effective, yet unobtrusive levels of management control.

By establishing a business portal, built on ServiceNow, you gain complete visibility of usage and costs, right across your multi-cloud environment.

Even more importantly, you gain the means to define and implement the policies needed to ensure that all access to cloud services is fully compliant with your enterprise rulebook and security practices.

On top of these key management services, Atos helps craft migration and adoption strategies, and offers a broad range of value-added services.  These include managed back-up and customer-identification right across the Managed Public Cloud.

“By 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-Internet” policy is today.”

Eric Grall introduces Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud

Atos’ growth strategy revolves around our Digital Transformation Factory, a portfolio of four end-to-end offerings, which apply all of our expertise and experience for our customers: Atos Canopy Hybrid Cloud, SAP HANA by Atos, Atos Digital Workplace and Atos Codex, supported by our Digital Payments and e-Transactions and Cybersecurity technologies across all our offerings. In this video Eric Grall shares some key take-aways and introduces Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud, one of the four pillars of our Digital Transformation Factory.

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