Multi-Cloud Orchestration, Automation and Management

Simplify, govern and manage all cloud-based assets through a single pane of glass

Cloud is enabling a new future for businesses; one in which they can respond securely, at scale, and with agility and flexibility, to the new world order of employee and customer needs.

However, with opportunity comes complexity. For IT, the rise of multi-cloud creates blind spots and spiralling costs. A lack of oversight makes compliance a challenge and having the skill set internally that is capable of managing multiple environments across so many different cloud providers becomes hard to sustain.

Atos Multi-Cloud Orchestration, Automation and Management gives enterprises a simple, cost-effective way to manage, automate and optimize their cloud infrastructure through a single pane of glass, unlocking the ability to transform their business and accelerate the creation of new digital services.

More than 90% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services by 2020.


Simplify multi-cloud orchestration, automation and management?

Cloud has become so integral that businesses need to find a way to bring their disparate cloud-based assets together in a simplified manner; giving back control without curtailing the benefits of cloud. This requires multiple clouds to be viewed through a ‘single pane of glass’, with one set of management tools, one set of analytics, and clear ways of tracking investment and spend against business demand.

Transparency across all business units

View and manage all cloud environments for better optimization of resource and consolidating information for analysis and planning.

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Operational efficiency

Automation means less manual intervention – reducing costs, increasing efficiency and removing the risk of silos.

Complete compliance

Business rules, standards, data security requirements, regulations and more can be built into operations so they are consistently enforced.

Manage costs and ensure accountability

Eliminate shadow IT. See who is using what amounts of which resource and control usage centrally.

Hear from Hans van Breda, Global Business Director, Hybrid Cloud Services, on how Atos adds business value and grows the business top line.

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