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Creating the optimal platform to develop and run digital applications

For today’s digitally-native businesses, application development times are now minutes not months. This means they are capable of launching a rapid stream of new services.

To compete, enterprise DevOps teams need to safely and swiftly build, test, and release both new applications and incremental updates to existing applications in shorter cycles. They need to do this securely whilst not ignoring the legacy systems they have in place.

Ongoing innovation and continual improvement is key to business success.

High performing DevOps organizations have reduced manual steps within their change management processes by leveraging modern tooling such as deployment automation.


Creating the platform for all application and data needs

Atos provides the open platforms that let DevOps teams develop, host, scale, and deliver digital services quickly, efficiently, and securely. They can run on a choice of clouds (private and public) and enable 66% faster application development lifecycles, accelerating time-to-market.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Atos supports key open source portability technologies such as Google’s Kubernetes as well as leading application platforms such as Red Hat’s OpenShift and Cloud Foundry.

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De-risk delivery

Atos oversees the solution and migration based on proven methods, tools and experience.

Be the first to innovate

Our technology partnerships include joint investment to accelerate roadmap capabilities, giving our customers earlier access to innovation.

Related solutions

Application platforms – Red Hat OpenShift

AMOS, our fully managed application platform, powered by Red Hat Openshift, provides tools to rapidly envision, build and roll-out leading cloud-native applications. This includes the overall coordination and orchestration of services, all delivered utilising leading opensource technologies such as Kubernetes.

Application platforms – Cloud Foundry

Atos Cloud Foundry is a trusted cloud application platform designed to reduce time-to-market for innovative, agile and scalable digital services across any cloud.

Atos Managed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Application and Data Services

We provide standard CICDs, integrated into a ITSM lite framework utilising a cloud native IT service management framework, whilst enabling native access to GCP developer tools. This is all delivered according to Atos best practice architecture and security, built for the enterprise.

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