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Identifying business opportunities along your digital journey with SAP S/4 HANA

It’s time to get moving

SAP® has made significant enhancements to transform their core business applications, making the real-time enterprise a reality with SAP S/4HANA.

Companies understand that SAP S/4HANA provides the perfect answer to their digital transformation challenges, enabling them to run their business in real-time, connecting processes, data, people or even machines together.

But making the leap can be difficult as SAP S/4HANA request significant investment. The CIO have now to demonstrate how migrating to S4/HANA will create tangible and sustainable business benefits. Companies are now at a crossroad, with a time pressure as we know that SAP will stop support by 2025 for all current versions.

Atos Performance Booster for SAP is here to help our customers making the right decision and build their transformation journey with a fast and cost effective approach.

To offer a unique solution for our customers, we partner with an innovative start-up, Inventy, which has developed a big data and analytics platform, PERFORMER FOR SAP®.

“This partnership with Inventy represents a major step forward in our intent to propose to our customers the best of the SAP HANA platform, driving immediate efficiencies in the development and deployment of the business accelerators they need in their digital transformation journey. Our customers may now build their high-level roadmap and SAP HANA business case in a few weeks compared to several months”

Ursula Morgenstern, Executive Sponsor of Atos Business Accelerators

“Atos has joined the exclusive club of partners that use our disruptive technology PERFORMER FOR SAP®. Based on SAP HANA and created through the SAP Start Up program and French Tech program, this solution will give Atos a strong competitive advantage. For us, this is a great opportunity to be part of the SAP strategy of such a global leader in digital transformation. This project will also be a chance for us to build the biggest SAP knowledge database to date and to refine our predictive model enabling us to bring stronger added value to all SAP customers”

David Houssemand, CEO & Co-founder,  Inventy.

A catalyst for your SAP transformation

Atos Performance Booster for SAP helps build and plan the SAP transformation roadmap, considering the configurations, needs and risks of your own SAP landscape.

With PERFORMER FOR SAP, we are able to provide our customers with an insight-based methodology in three steps:

  • Comprehensive diagnostics, based on more than 1 200 KPIs , highlighting the the strengths and weaknesses on three dimensions: safe, fast and cost-effective
  • Benchmarking, giving you clear indications where to invest to maximise your benefits, based on external benchmark (industry peers) and internal benchmark (various entities of your landscape)
  • Simulation, identifying enhancement plans and bringing solutions after having identified the areas of improvements in the previous steps.

Our approach is totally compliant with SAP preconized approach “SAP Transformation Navigator”. SAP Transformation Navigator is perfectly complementary with Performer for SAP, and both tools will be used to build your specific journey to SAP S/4HANA roadmap.

Evaluate and increase added value of your SAP systems

Get a simple and complete view of the actual usage of SAP in term of Business Performance, technical performance, security and possession cost. You can track the progress you have made and continuously maximize the business value created.

Strengthen the security of your SAP landscape

Get a 360° view on the security of your system by taking into consideration the cyber risks, vulnerability, user and authorization management, or GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance).

Identify and address business pain points

With Atos Performance Booster for SAP, you switch from a purely technical vision to a business-oriented approach for your SAP transformation. You ensure the efficiency of your business processes and your ability to deliver innovation.

Build business cases that can justify the investment to migrate

Atos Performance Booster for SAP supports and accelerates the decision to migrate. With the benchmark, you can see the performance achieved by your peers that have migrate to S/4 HANA. You can also get a comparison between your current solutions and SAP S/4 HANA.

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Press Release

Atos announces partnership with Inventy to deliver improved operational efficiency, security, agility and cost reductions to its SAP customers.

The multi-year partnership with Inventy will allow Atos’ customers to now benefit from Inventy’s PERFORMER FOR SAP®, a Big Data platform combining advanced analysis and predictive functions.


your business transformation

Build a SAP S/4HANA® roadmap to enable a fast, safe and cost-effective transformation


Artificial intelligence turns an S/4HANA migration into a true business project

To date the drivers for an organisation to migrate to S/4HANA are largely technical in nature.

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