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Fully Digital Power Supply

Revolutionize power test systems for automotive electric vehicle battery testing, aerospace power, Automotive & photovoltaic inverter testing

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Imagine your test equipment suddenly is ten times better than before

As the world attempts to move to a more and more green lifestyle, test solutions for battery powered systems and battery testing must meet various market demands such as highest power and energy density, durability, safety and energy efficiency.

Atos has developed the fully digital power supply “ProUSTuniverSAS®”, a new unique solution of highest efficiency, versatility and safety for the testing of batteries and battery powered subsystems. ProUST univerSAS® has been designed with several markets, like Aerospace, automotive and PV systems in mind.


Output efficiency of 95%, in sink mode the energy is fed back into the grid, instead of being converted into heat, making it a real green device

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ProUST univerSAS® benefits go far beyond functional aspects:

Output power: up to ±20 kW per module

(scalable up to your needs in a grid)

  • Voltage range: 0 – 130 V per channel, Total ±1000V (when channels switched in serial)
  • Current range: ±25 A per channel, Total ±200 A (when channel switched in parallel)
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ±100 mV ±0.5 % of measured value
  • Current measuring accuracy: up to ±100 mA
  • Current dynamics: -90 %…90 %: typ. < 20 μs
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ±200 mV ±0.5 % of measured value
  • Current measuring accuracy: up to ±100 mA ±0.05 % of measured value
  • Fully digital, therefore agile and configurable
  • Highest power density 20kW in 2 HU on module level, extendable depending on application
  • Extreme usage flexibility and lean cabling
  • Maximum safety (class II isolation)
  • Low footprint and unique compact portable design
  • Extremely high efficiency results in low heat dissipation.

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