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Save time and effort in validating electrical interfaces on the launcher prior to the integration of the satellites to the Launcher.

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Spacecraft Simulator

The Spacecraft Simulator (SC Simulator) EGSE which together with our flagship Power SCOE allows the link testing at different stages of integration during the launch campaign and each SC Simulator can verify up to 9 Spacecraft Interfaces.

The SC Simulator EGSE is designed to perform preliminary electrical fit checks regarding launcher interfaces. The objective of these preliminary electrical fit checks is to confirm at an early stage the electrical interface in terms of:

  • Battery monitoring stimulation
  • Battery trickle charging allocation
  • LV strap simulation
  • Acts as a Breakout box for S/C strap.

Spacecraft Power Multiplexer

The scalable generic multiplexing (MUX) platform also called Space Craft Power Multiplexer. MUX extension SCOE (Special Check-Out Equipment), which together with our flagship Power SCOE in default configuration provides the battery charging and monitoring functionality for up to 36 satellites at a time.

The system is based on modules – MUX cards. One MUX card distributes one input power channel from the nominal or redundant Launch Power SCOE to 9 galvanically isolated loads based on relays in demultiplexing configuration.

The MUX extension SCOE provides 4 nominal and 4 redundant input power channels and through multiplexing each input power channel to 9 isolated loads, provides up to 36 satellite batteries to be charged and monitored using a single MUX extension SCOE.

The MUX SCOE is designed to be very robust, generic, light-weight and easily portable to minimize the impact of logistics when transporting from one location to another.

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