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What is Power SCOE?


Power SCOE is the reliable solution for powering, monitoring, and testing your satellite’s power subsystem during assembly, integration and test as well as on the launch pad just prior to lift-off.

Atos UniverSAS® is a very compact, all-in-one power testing device designed for Space industry environments. A SAS (Solar Array Simulator), Battery Simulator, launch power supplies, pyro / thermal knife SCOE and Payload Load Simulator ensure that your satellite’s most vital system, the power supply, is in perfect condition for the launch and prepared to perform flawlessly for its entire lifespan.

At the core of the Power SCOE offer, Atos placed its developed fully digital power supply UniverSAS® 2.0, a fully digital 2-quadrant power supply developed with funding from and under the supervision of ESA. Using UniverSAS® as an EGSE ensures your project to be more efficient.

Highlights, features and key points

Improved work quality

The cutting-edge design of UniverSAS® 2.0 guarantee a very low level of acoustic noise in typical operations. This results in the improvement of team efficiency, due to quieter working conditions. (From 46 db in idle mode and 60 db in typical mode)

The built-in features such as an oscilloscope function helps quickly identify the root cause of any problem.

The friendly user interface accessible from everywhere is key function available in our product to make your time more efficient and pleasant (remote access available).

Cost efficiency

    • UniverSAS® 2.0 has an embedded snapshot/oscilloscope functionality and is fully digital. It means that:
        – It records the different signals before and after the event by eliminating the need to reproduce the failure when analysing the relevant signals leading to the event
        – Additional external oscilloscope is not needed
    • Fully compatible with international electrical network. The electric behaviour of UniverSAS® is the same on both side of the Atlantic. (No need of additional specific converter)
    • It is re-usable since software and firmware modifications are easily applied without any impact on hardware design (Software Design Solution)
    • Cost saving thanks to the avoided expense for acoustic noise protection
    • Reduce transportation cost due to lower footprint and weight saving (up to 50 % of savings)
    • All in one solution (Payload + solar array + battery simulator, battery conditioner, umbilical)

High safety and control

UniverSAS® 2.0 is secured from malfunctions, easily controllable and maintainable thanks to:

  • three levels of protection, with the ZLP (Zero Level Protection) joining FLP (First Level Protection) and SLP (Second Level Protection)
  • three control possibilities (from standard PC through LAN interface, directly with UniverSAS multifunction control switch, remotely connecting via intranet or internet)
  • Cyber security by design
  • embedded software GUI
  • available remote software configuration/update/upgrade

UniverSAS® is the solution to enhance your project to an over dimension in term of accuracy, energy saving, cost saving, sustainability, flexibility, safety, decarbonization and work quality.

Easier transportation

UniverSAS 2.0 is light in weight and at least 9 times denser compared to market solutions. It makes our Power SCOE:

  • Easily movable
  • More sustainable

Lower footprint

The UniverSAS® 2.0 design reduces the environmental footprint both in the production and usage phases by:

  • 50% of footprint saving compared to traditional testing solution
  • 50% of weight saving compared to traditional testing solution
  • 5% (minimum) of energy saving due to high efficiency (up to 95%), energy saving could be much more when related to energy recovery mode.
  • reducing the carbon footprint through metal reduction and savings on HW
  • reducing CO2 emissions thanks to a lower heat dissipation and a lighter weight

UniverSAS® is the solution to enhance your project to an over dimension in term of accuracy, energy saving, cost saving, sustainability, flexibility, safety, decarbonization and work quality.

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