Cybersecurity in EGSE

Technologies, Methods and Processes

Cybersecurity in EGSE

Methods and processes related to Cybersecurity in EGSEs, are not yet well defined or standardized in the EGSE community, still Cybersecurity protection becomes more and more important and needs to be thought holistically. This paper summarizes Atos’ next generation of EGSE, which supports the latest Cybersecurity applicable standards and best practices applied over the full Lifecycle of an EGSE from the design and development to production and eventually the shipment.

Key concepts are covered in this paper, including what is regarded as a Cyber Attack on EGSE level and how it must be understood in order to protect the EGSE facing cyber threats that could potentially harm the satellite or sub-systems under test. A full lifecycle view on what system (HW and SW) hardening is and how it relates to protection of an EGSE is presented.

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