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x86 Bullion Servers

The most innovative workspace for in-memory computing

Combination of extremely innovative and exclusive technologies, Bullion is the only range of x86 servers capable of responding flexibly, securely and cost-effectively to all your challenges.
Based on a reliable, powerful thus modular architecture – from 2 to 16 Intel® Xeon® E7 v4 processors and up to 24TB of memory – Bullion addresses extreme demands that are often believed to be completely irreconcilable: performance and elasticity, reliability and cost control.

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Designed for Big data and massive in-memory processing.
Powered by Intel® Xeon® processors


Escala Servers

Machine Learning – The foundation for tomorrow

Escala POWER-based AIX and Linux servers are designed for business critical applications and data-intensive workloads such as big data, analytics, and machine-learning, thanks to its exceptional CPU/GPU scalability, and up to 32 TBs of memory.

Escala servers also provide the best-in-class, built-in reliability and security characteristics that are vital for business critical applications.

With a “meantime between fatal crash” well above 70 years, Escala servers have proven to deliver significantly higher uptimes compared to competing architectures.

Escala virtualisation, PowerVM, has an industry-recognised track record for security. In the 15+ years that PowerVM has been on the market, not one security vulnerability has has been reported.

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Gcos Servers

The best from the mainframe world combined with the best from the open world

Novascale Gcos: optimum openness, premium availability

The first mainframe natively equipped with an Open Source database, for intensive production:
– combining Extreme Computing technologies and technologies to support mission-critical applications
– designed to protect organizations’ information capital and help it grow
– bringing mainframe-class servers into the world of private Cloud Computing

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With the digital transformation, companies continuously modernize their IT, develop innovation and rapidly shift to cloud based models.
A complete agility during any phase of the application lifecycle is paramount. It requires more application development efficiency and the cloud enablement of existing and new applications.
Alien4cloud allows IT operations to be responsive to any business application team requirement with more IT agility and effectiveness.
Enterprise DevOps platform & Cloud enabler

Alien4cloud fully automates the application lifecycle, from development to deployment and production both on premise and for all types of cloud. It allows customers to leverage the best infrastructure during all steps of the application lifecycle on an on-demand basis by abstracting the application from the infrastructure.

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IT Modernization for business innovation

Legacy applications: the innovation challenge
Legacy applications are a valuable asset to your business, but the current economic climate shows up their limitations. When it comes to modernizing applications,the challenge is to preserve this heritage, cut the total cost of ownership and give them greater openness and flexibility.

Atos opens the way to modernization
Application modernization effectively reconciles these two demands: by protecting the rich functionality and mainframe-class reliability of legacy applications, and using standard and open source technologies to slash TCO and turn these systems into a platform for innovation.

Atos designed the Liber software suite to open the way to rapid and controlled modernization. Liber facilitates the replatforming of legacy applications for open standards, replacing proprietary infrastructure technologies and transposing code into a more current language as required.

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