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Cyber security, at the heart of data protection challenges

Atos supports you in the implementation of a trusting environment in a world where connectivity and data exchanges between people and even objects have never been so huge. Your data must be secured throughout their journey so your organization can achieve a peaceful digital transformation and efficiently benefit from it. Horus is a trusted third-party solution that strengthens your connected objects’ security and sets up a trust infrastructure for safe electronic transactions supported by secure and verified identities.

► Internet of Things security  (embedded security, secure communication, device lifecycle management, analytics)
 Secure payment & financial transactions (hardware security module and key management)
 Trust infrastructure (PKI, electronic signature, timestamping, encryption)
Data transparency & governance sharing (blockchain)

of objects are already secured by Atos solutions

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is leading the routes for a digital transformation in all sectors:

SmartCity, SmartGrid, SmartHealth, SmartFactory, SmartCar…

This rise of the machines is bringing a new cyber security reality. This digital transformation will keep all its promise only if the overall infrastructure and business applications are safeguarded through innovative cyber security approaches. However a lot of projects are altered due to security questions, partly because they affect different employees within the company and also due to the lack of advisors with all the necessary skills who are capable of providing a universal and integrated solution. Atos provides a solution of trust in the service of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and ensures the security of the IoT on every level through its Horus IoT Security Suite.

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Manage your devices’ lifecycle and security


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Trust and share seamlessly your data


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Deploy secure and scalable IoT networks 


Strenghten your IoT security with our products

With its wide-ranging technology expertise and its R&D centers  in France and Germany, Atos supports its customers through their ‘digital transformation’, so they can entirely benefit from it while managing the risks involved at the same time. Discover how our products can help you secure your business.

As a growing number of internal and external exchanges (with customers or partners) are computerized, securing electronic transactions and information systems more broadly is a key issue for organizations.

Electronic certificates allow applications to integrate security services such as user authentication, non-repudiation of transactions and the confidentiality of data exchanges and transactions. Atos – a leading European player on IT security – offers comprehensive solutions for creating electronic certificates and manage their lifecycle.

Beyond the management of digital certificates, Atos also offers a wide range of security solutions to meet the needs of applications to include electronic signature and/or time-stamping functionality to created shared, comprehensive and sustainable trusted infrastructures. Atos supports organizations in implementing these infrastructures, from the initial definition of needs right through to their integration and hosting in our highly secure centers.

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IoT World 2018: Atos will be present at the IoT World 2018 at Paris, Porte de Versailles on the 21-22 March, Hall 5.2, F31 booth

Atos and Senet announce partnership to provide overall security to LoRaWAN networks worldwide

Alliances & Partner program


Atos provides products in the field of embedded device security in the context of Infineon Security Partner Network with a solution for connected cars.

LoRa Alliance

Atos is members of the LoRa Alliance and provides trust security services to deliver keys and certificate for IoT.

Partnership cyber security products

Atos support consists of an international team of experts who will help you get optimal use out of our products in your specific environment every day.

What our clients say about us

Global security solution for the IoT LoRa ecosystem of Objenious

“Atos is a trusted partner and not just a security software company.” Philippe Cola, Core Network Senior Architect, Bouygues Telecom, Ojenious.  Discover how Atos enabled Bouygues Telecom to become a global IoT vendor that offers clients peace of mind through end-to-end security.

Case Study

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