Defense & Mission Critical

Safeguard populations and ensure mission success

Efficient information flow for critical situations

Atos delivers products and solutions to ensure the success of critical missions on the ground. By delivering information flows between personnel at all levels, Atos systems enable fast and relevant decisions. Every day, Atos end-to-end solutions provides military forces and homeland security personnel with integrated sensors, secure communications as well as command and control.

Hoox secure mobile communication

Hoox is Atos secure mobile telephony range.

Hoox for business delivers top-end secure Android smartphones for professionals, ensuring high confidentiality and integrity of business communication.

Hoox for mission is Atos ultra-secure 4G communication solution for intervention forces. 

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Hoox for business secure professional smartphones

Hoox for mission secure tactical 4G

Homeland Security

Facing new threats, society has to rethink information use to guarantee safety. From identity protection to command and control centers and emergency management, Atos provides a full range of global security solutions.

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Border control

Checkpoint control

Public safety

BEN Marine navigation instruments

BEN Marine is Atos range of electronic navigation equipment dedicated to maritime forces and merchant fleets.

With its experienced engineers, Atos ensures product reliability, compliance with civilian and military standards, constant innovation and adaptation to clients’ requirements.

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Military range: navy instrumentation

Civil range: commercial instrumentation

Battle management system

Unified information system provides real tactical superiority. This is the aim of the Bull BMS, the C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) system of Atos. As an effective weapon in itself, the solution provides in real time an updated mapping of the battlefield to the different levels of command. This makes it easier to effectively exchange and protect mission data.

Bull Battle Management System

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Critical Systems

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