Policy Manager


Policy and charging rules function (PCRF)

Policy Manager handles your network and your subscriber policies exactly according to your demands. It weighs and evaluates millions of parallel sessions and makes efficient decisions to solve problems such as network congestion in real time. Therefore you will always be able to deliver the Quality of Service (QoS) your subscribers have paid for.

Policy Manager also allows you to generate additional revenues by creating subscription plans that are tailored to fit your strategic business and marketing goals. It features a wide range of pre-configured use cases you can choose from, but it also provides powerful tools to easily adapt your own plans so that you will stand out from your competitors.

With the Atos Policy Manager you can offer 3rd-party internet service providers the control of some network capabilities (QoS, priority) and charge them for it. This opens up a broad variety of new business models, since you may now charge the subscriber for basic network services and charge the 3rd-party ISP for some additional premium upgrade of the network service. Alternatively, you might also charge 3rd-parties for the entire service provided to subscribers. These new business models include:

  • Multi-sided payment (you charge both the subscriber for basic network services and 3rd parties for controlling priority and QoS)
  • Advertisement/sponsored data (you do not charge subscriber for network service, but 3rd-party internet service provider)
  • Freemium (basic level is free of charge, but premium service is charged to 3rd party)

Flexible business logic and pre-defined policy templates

With Policy Manager it is easy to differentiate yourself from other telecommunication service providers, because you can customize your own policies by using the highly flexible and proven Rules Engine. It is the tool for designing subscription plans that exactly meet the demands of your target groups and for integrating other parts of your infrastructure, such as flexible charging systems.

Using the right combination of the most common types of policies, you can activate the majority of subscription plans almost immediately. Policy Manager provides a wide range of policy templates to choose from in order to provide these policies in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

Voice over LTE


LTE is ramping up both in terms of capable devices and coverage. The higher bandwidths available and the lower latency is driving customer interest. Using voice services on LTE networks is the next logical step to take.

Atos Policy Manager is the policy controller that enables you to ensure that data flows which are part of voice communications are treated appropriately in the network. Together with security, emergency situation support and reachability, your voice-over-IP services will have a clear edge over those of 3rd parties.

High performance Policy Engine


To meet the huge demand on dynamic real-time policy decisions, the decision tree-structured Policy Engine grows in a non-linear manner. This ensures, for example, that twice the amount of policies lead to less than twice the amount of evaluation time. This not only gives you an unparalleled degree of flexibility and creativity when designing your subscription plans, but also enough capacity to your network to grow along with your business.

Cross-site session binding – simplify VoLTE deployments


When deploying a multi-site VoLTE PCRF not all sites may be connected with all gateways or VoLTE applications.

Moreover, a VoLTE application may indicate a voice-call establishment to the PCRF on site C, while the IP session in which that call has to be carried out has been set up in the PCRF at site B. For session binding data synchronization across sites is required. In some configurations, however, the gateway to be addressed only has a connection to the PCRF at site B. In such cases the PCRF at site C must be able to instruct the PCRF at site B about the voice call establishment. This is called “cross-site session binding” and is supported only by very few PCRFs on the market. For PCRFs that do not support cross-site session binding the only option is to make use of an expensive Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) with additional intelligence, which will route requests to the correct sites.

Atos Policy Manager with cross-site session binding makes multi-site VoLTE deployment simpler and more cost efficient.

Scalable and modular architecture


Policy Manager allows almost unlimited scalability by adding front-end servers to increase the number of transactions per second and back-end servers to increase the number of concurrently active subscribers. Policy Manager is extendable on a per-component basis, allowing you to meet the specific needs of your network traffic load and providing economic viability from small-scale trials to massive network-wide deployments.

In a multi-site set-up Policy Manager always ensures data synchronization between the sites – when one of them fails due to a software or hardware malfunction the other is able to take over immediately.

Policy Builder


The Atos Policy Manager also provides a very sophisticated and intuitive Graphical User Interface that allows these policies to be easily set up. In this way, the Atos Policy Manager combines higher network efficiency with opening additional revenue resources. This drag-and-drop-based Policy Builder allows non-experts as well as experts to create new policies in a very flexible and efficient way.

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