Prescriptive Security

The power of Integration, Automation and Orchestration

Where Big Data meets Cybersecurity

Bridge all the gaps with Atos Prescriptive Security


Organizations today are more reliant than ever on information to achieve success. Information is, perhaps, your most precious business asset. Proliferation of connected devices and the increase in employees working remotely also means more endpoints that need to be secured by organizations. The widespread transformation to cloud computing has also opened up new avenues for cyber criminals.

The backbone: advance threat defense

Atos Prescriptive Security integrates a variety of industry-leading security technologies for improved cloud-ready controls, including security information and event management (SIEM), which:

Consolidates threat sources and responses to help eliminate security silos

Progressively learns new behaviors to help eradicate threats before they occur

Shares the latest threat intelligence across the global enterprise

Securing the world’s biggest media event

As worldwide IT partner to the Olympic Games, Atos can accept no compromise when it comes to security.  At Sochi, we neutralized 322 million security events – and now we are ready for Rio.

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Speed, Scale and cost: the core differentiators

High-performance computing

The Atos mainframe-grade computing platform that drives our Prescriptive Security solution has been independently tested and proven as one of the most powerful on the market today.

Internet of things

Multi-vendor interoperability

  1. In addition to integrated McAfee functionality, Atos Prescriptive Security has an open framework that can support multi-vendor environments with a common architecture/solution.

Big Data meets cyber security

Only Atos Prescriptive Security lets you leverage the scope and reach of Big Data through a centrally managed platform that incorporates third-party security and compliance investments into a single pervasive ecosystem.

Managed service, cloud-hosted or both

Because no two enterprises are alike, Atos Prescriptive Security has the built-in flexibility to meet any IT requirements.

Lower total operating cost

  1. Superior performance, reliability and an only-what-you-need consumption model (when cloud-hosted) make Atos Prescriptive Secuity a complete and budget-friendly cyber security solution that delivers a superior price/performance ratio.

Threat resolutions shared instantly and globally

With Atos, you share the latest threat intelligence across your enterprise instantly. This means you respond to new threats more proactively and consistently—even when threats are identified on different systems in different parts of the world.


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Atos Prescriptive Security

The power of Integration, Automation and Orchestration.


Atos Prescriptive Security

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