Share real-time combat information on the battlefield

Collaborative Combat

Conduct joint military operations efficiently


Strengthen connections across battle systems and soldiers


Enhance situational awareness across joint and combined forces

Field data:

Increase transparency in information collection and processing


Improve decision-making by better anticipating enemy moves

Ensure effectiveness of joint operations with a unified ecosystem

On the battlefield, accessing the right information at the right time is critical. Inadequate information will undermine joint operations and endanger soldiers. Atos can help you make all your systems work together in a resilient architecture, delivering a common operational picture.

The Atos Collaborative Combat solution includes infrastructure, sensors, analysis and combat systems. It connects soldiers in command posts, smart equipment and sensors in vehicles and more on the battlefield. This unified and functional ecosystem enables you to optimize decision-making in operations.

Battle Management System (BMS)

Implement our single battlegroup-scale system to create joint-forces tactical task forces fast:

  • Designed for use in HQs, inside vehicles and by dismounted soldiers,
  • Enables mission information sharing,
  • Provides actionable, current information,
  • Ensures optimal exchange in degraded radio conditions,
  • Supplies tactical situation awareness in reflex time with blue force tracking (BFT).

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Trusted Service Mesh

Our Trusted Service Mesh leverages the latest lightweight distributed service middleware technology:

  • Supports digital services discovery across distributed field appliances,
  • Monitors their availability and accessibility,
  • Links service endpoints to other services via service transmission lines,
  • Ensures interoperability among services and software components with unified proxy services.

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Lifelink wireless systems

Ensuring the availability of high-bandwidth private LTE is crucial. Adopt our Lifelink wireless systems:

  • Control your network independently from public operators and be resilient in a crisis,
  • Ultra-compact system that can be carried anywhere, in a backpack or vehicle,
  • Uses standard smartphones, equipment and applications,
  • Seamless push-to-talk using international standard 3GPP.

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Computing power

Benefit from our portfolio of high-end computers and servers (BullSequana Edge, BullSequana S, and tailor-made embedded military computers such as Atos multi-level secure gateway). Make it a critical part of your data strategy:

  • Resilient, supercomputer-scale processing power,
  • Agile, scalable and open platform,
  • Complies with military standards , security and operational requirements.

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Client Story

France: Command system for the SCORPION program

France’s EUR 5+ billion SCORPION program aims to enhance the French Army’s close combat capabilities. Read how Atos delivered SICS, a single battlegroup-scale command and control system. The army is now better prepared for dealing with new tactical challenges.

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Client Story

Germany: Battlefied ISR and communication

Germany’s Bundeswehr tasked an Atos-led consortium to develop the ErzUntGlas ‘Creating a glass battlefield to support dynamic operations’ study. Focusing on demonstrating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), the project’s intended result is a real-time, three-dimensional, GPS-independent, dynamic situational picture for mobile operations.

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Battle Management System video

Learn how this Bull BMS works

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