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Digital Transformation for the Olympic Games

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The world is changing rapidly. The Olympic Games, alike our societies evolved and will continue to evaluate. Driven by the maturity of mobile technology, we expect these will be the first Olympic Games experienced live by the majority of its global viewers online.

As the Worldwide IT Partner of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) Atos works along with the IOC to respond to present challenges. Games are organized once every two years in different continent and it is both critical, cost and time consuming to start from scratch each time. This is why, for PyeongChang2018 Winter Olympic Games, Atos will host their OMS/ ODS * critical applications in its secured Canopy Cloud. Test and Support will be provided remotely via the CTOC (Central Technology Operations Center) in Barcelona and the ITL (Information Testing Lab) in Madrid.

*Olympic Management System and Olympic Diffusion System.

What we deliver

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Atos is the lead technology integrator of the Olympic Games. The key role of the lead integrator is to provide reliable platforms allowing stakeholders to have a centralized source of information and interact with each other. Atos works with all the actors to understand their needs in order to support them accordingly and makes the Olympic Games a reality.

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The IOC and Atos embrace digital transformation and see step changes in how disruptive technologies address emerging challenges and make a major impact.

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