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Clearly it is of paramount importance to maintain the safe and secure operations leading up to and during the Olympic Games. At peak, Games systems hold the most critical personal data in the world. And with more information becoming freely available to users via the internet and on their own device, the increase in IT security events is daunting.

Atos high performance security monitors hundreds of thousands of IT security events each day during Games time, sifting benign anomalies from potential real threats. Using real-time data analysis tools and a set of rules search through the millions of security logs. They are tracking every hint of digital activity within the Olympic Games network, ensuring zero impact on the Games.

The Identity and Accreditation system built and managed by Atos is also a critical element in the overall security of the Olympic Games and has the same high levels of security as systems used to process applications for passports and visas. The system as a whole is one of the most complex interconnected and secure access control systems in the world of sports.

“The Accreditation system allows the procedures…. Of the Olympic Games…. to be secure and reliable,” said Francess Lusack, Accreditation General Manager of the Rio 2016™ Organising


For other organizations and businesses, managing business risk and information security is more complex than ever. The range of potential security risks continues to rise as the business environment becomes more connected, more global. Every day, our end to end cybersecurity solutions also help organizations in public, finance, retail and healthcare to manage millions of digital users. This enables a seamless customer experience and high-end operational excellence, while guaranteeing trust and compliance, even for the most critical processes, whether they be homeland security or payments, trading or telemedicine.

We’re helping companies worldwide to tackle the most complex IT security and compliance challenges.

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of IT security events


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