Stories of the Games

‘Breakthrough moments’ are what the Olympic Games are all about: new Olympic Games records, new golden memories, new personal bests, new ways of connecting wider audiences with the Games themselves and with sport in general.

Breakthrough moments are about peaks of individual achievement, but also about ambition, planning, strategy, training, endurance, hope and luck. They are about collaboration and teamwork, about countries and society.

Atos will be sharing engaging stories on these points in time throughout Rio 2016 and how we help companies worldwide to drive their own breakthrough moments.’

Customer experience

1 September 2016

The Olympic Customer Journey

With the huge responsibility of providing the Olympic data-feed, we need to bring insight and vision to understanding customer journeys in order to ensure the best customer experience – for billions globally.

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12 August 2016

Distributing results from A-Z for Rio2016 to billions of fans around the world

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10 August 2016

Enabling an experience for anyone from anywhere

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2 August 2016

You are now hooked up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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28 July 2016

The greatest show on earth, at your fingertips

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Business Reinvention

30 August 2016

Reducing the Olympic Carbon Footprint through Cloud

In the high-profile drive to reduce the environmental impact of the Olympic Games, “greener” IT has a major part to play and Cloud technologies are at the heart of it. Cloud is coming to the rescue.

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26 August 2016

Human-centred Digital Transformation

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24 August 2016

Exceeding expectation through smarter anticipation

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21 August 2016

Wellbeing and the Olympic Games

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20 August 2016

Sustainability and the Olympic Games

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19 August 2016

Accessibility and the Olympic Games

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18 August 2016

Analytics just got personal

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16 August 2016

It’s all in the data

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5 August 2016

The power of passion: the IT team behind Rio 2016

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22 July 2016

Make record-breaking a mind-set, not an end-game

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14 July 2016

The Olympic Games for the digital age

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Operational Excellence

21 September 2016

Digital effort behind Rio 2016 concludes successfully

The first Olympic Games to have ever been held in South America have been a huge source of pride for all involved. We’re so happy to have once again been at the heart of it, and are already looking forward to Pyeongchang 2018 and Tokyo 2020.

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14 September 2016

Making analytics part of the Paralympic Games

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31 August 2016

No rest for the brave

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17 August 2016

Keeping the dream alive

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15 August 2016

Going further together

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11 August 2016

Driving a great team culture

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6 August 2016

Facing the moment of truth

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4 August 2016

Performance means everything

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3 August 2016

The winners’ secret: collaboration for transformation

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1 August 2016

To beat the competition you need real agility throughout your organisation

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30 June 2016

Practice makes perfect

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Trust and compliance

22 September 2016

Expecting the unexpected

Rio set new Olympic records both on and off the track. The number of IT security events detected at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games were a staggering 400 per second which is double the equivalent figure from London 2012.

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23 August 2016

The last mile or the last millimetre – staying focused to the last

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22 August 2016

Chance favours the prepared mind

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23 June 2016

Getting ID right for Rio 2016

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