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The Olympic and Paralympic Games are a complex mix of technology, processes and people. And IT is always at the heart of making the Olympic and Paralympic Games a success.

Beyond the scale and complexity, there is a multi-supplier project with many varied dependencies. All the while, the whole event is highly visible and the world is watching. And when victory can be measured by the smallest of margins, there are no second chances!

The IOC and Atos have embraced digital transformation at Rio 2016. We see steep changes in how disruptive technologies can address emerging challenges and make a major impact at the first Olympics for the mobile generation.

The Games will be watched across multiple platforms, and for the first time ever, mobile and online will be the most prominent way it is consumed. Yet viewers expect the same Olympic Games experience across all platforms.

Accomplishing this requires a paradigm shift in the IT approach, from a ‘build each time’ to a ‘build once’ model delivering some critical services over a cloud solution delivered together with other technology partners. The resulting efficiencies and operating flexibilities make possible a consistent multichannel customer experience – any time, any place, any where.

IOC partnership overview past games

Atos is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games, and has been involved in all previous Olympic Games since 1989

What Atos delivers for the Olympic Games


Leading the technology effort that flawlessly unites the complex systems of the Games. As lead integrator, project manager and IT operations manager, Atos is ultimately responsible for the entire IT infrastructure of the Games.

Games Management Systems

Suite of applications require a high level of quality, availability and IT security as they are often interconnected to highly secure systems such as police and government security operations

Information Diffusion Systems

Delivering real-time results to the media and the Olympic and Paralympic family is paramount. The Commentator Information System provides real-time competition results and athlete information, while myInfo+ distributes key information

Partner and Operation Management

By implementing preventative IT security measures, Atos helps protect against digital attacks. It also means a solution that delivers seamless, orchestrated support from the IOC’s and Organizing Committee’s supplier ecosystem so that everyone pulls together – and wins together.

See how we bring people, process, and technology together for the International Olympic Committee and earn its trust as a consistent, reliable IT partner delivering flawless and innovative IT services on time and on budget.

Atos at the Games: a brief history

The enormity and scope of creating an IT backbone and infrastructure for the Olympic Games – the world’s largest sports IT contract – presents a host of unique challenges. Like the world-class athletes we celebrate, Atos consistently executes a carefully honed strategy based on years of experience in delivering comprehensive IT services for major global sporting events

Rio 2016

As the Worldwide IT Partner and lead integrator of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Atos once again leads the technology effort bringing together the complex systems of the Games flawlessly. Turning the Games securely into the most connected and digital enabled experience to date. This happens by leveraging Atos flawless IT services to deliver results and critical data from all of the Games to journalists, media institutions, athletes and billions of viewers globally as it happens.


Sochi 2014

The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games were the biggest Winter Games yet with 12 new medal events – the largest number of new events at any Olympic Winter Games. It represented Atos’ seventh Games as the Worldwide IT Partner of the International Olympic Committee. As with previous Games, Atos was responsible for leading the consortium of IT partners to design, build and operate the massive, mission-critical IT infrastructure and solutions serving the best athletes, tens of thousands of dedicated volunteers, millions of visitors, and billions of viewers.

London 2012

As Worldwide IT Partner of the International Olympic Committee, Atos worked closely with the London 2012 Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) to bring together some of the leading technology partners – each of them experts within their own field – and create a master plan for the technology to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The team rapidly grew from a handful of people to over 3,500 experts and involved some 220,000 hours of robust testing to ensure that everything was ready to deliver the IT for the World’s largest sports spectacle. It was the largest and most sophisticated sports IT project of all time, with the team setting a range of new benchmarks for future Games.

Before 2010

Atos has crisscrossed the globe designing and implementing a wide variety of systems and services in support of the Olympics. Over the years and through the ups and downs of competition, we have delivered on our mission critical role at all of the Games starting with the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona through the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Atos began its active involvement with the Paralympic Movement in 2002 and has been the IT Partner of the 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008 Paralympic Games, before becoming the official Worldwide Paralympic IT Partner of the IPC in 2008.

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