Implementing Security by simulating attacks

Penetration Testing-as-a-Service

What is it?


When looking at a typical traditional penetration test, it is usually a one-and-done deal where a scope, time frame and goals are set, and a report with found vulnerabilities is delivered in the end. Oftentimes these reports can be encompassing and so keeping track of the remediation of vulnerabilities after a penetration test can be a difficult feat.

With that in mind we created an approach, that we call Penetration Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS), where we focus on collaboration, vulnerability remediation and penetration testing over smaller time frames, creating a more focused overview of your security level. 

How is it done?


The way PTaaS is structured is by having smaller time intervals where there are multiple tracks, taking an agile approach focusing on smaller sprints within the intervals. The tracks focus on continuously testing critical components of our clients’ services within requested areas. With the client wishing what areas to test next, we can give an accurate overview of our clients’ security landscape in the areas that they might currently be struggling with.

Running parallel to the penetration testing tracks, we have a vulnerability remediation track, that focuses on helping our clients re-mediate their vulnerabilities and close down, upgrade or update their vulnerable software, service or machines.  

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Kasper Brandt, Nordic Cyber Security Lead