Multi Supplier Integration

Aim for a high-quality single service experience

Smooth transition and reduced cost with Atos SIAM solution

Manage multiple service providers as a single virtual team


Most organizations rely on often complex combinations of specialist service providers. This favors innovation, but challenges alignment and accountability. The more effectively you can coordinate your often complex service ecosystem, the better your business performs.

What if all your service partners worked as a single virtual team – focused and coordinated to help you meet your business objectives? Discover Atos Service Integration and Management.

Making your organization future proof

Atos Service Integration and Management (SIAM) solution promotes collaboration & cooperation to build an ‘environment for success’.

Control and agility

End to end services monitored continually through our industry leading Bridge technology and managed by our world class SIAM organisation with a zero incident culture.

Unity of governance

A joint governance structure focused on delivery, innovation and realizing business outcomes for our clients and a scalable Atos Multi-sourcing framework delivering end to end governance across the FIT ecosystem.

Cost reduction

Reduced cost in business and IT operations as well as increased ROI and revenue.

Simplicity in Digital Transformation

Managing all services in line with your requirements and reducing business change management risk. Atos’ agile application consulting methods will provide support for your digital transformation to an agile Devops model at pace, realizing additional cost benefits.

Creating a sustainable service eco-system

As your Service Integration and Management partner, Atos works with you to audit and assess the effectiveness of your extended service network. We will rationalize pricing models, and most importantly, establish the means by which all service partners are able to contribute to common business goals.

Atos offers you global expertise and experience in delivering SIAM solutions which will seamless coordinate all of the service towers and vendors to deliver.

Defining the Service Model

SIAM and Atos Bridge offers you a future proof Service Management and Service catalogue designed for future needs, requirements and business.


Simplicity in Transformation, taking over all services in line with your timetable requirements and reducing the business change management risk. Atos can quickly transform with a high focus on risk management, supported through our proven Prince 2 based Global Transition and Transformation Methodology to a highly automated, future delivery model through the application of our standard tooling framework.


Achieve continuous operation delivery, supported by a SIAM service hub, with clear and intelligent performance and financial reporting. Automation of operational processes using Atos Bridge tooling for Level 1 and Level 2 processes. Atos Bridge is used for proactive monitoring and automation of application service support operations.

Continuous Innovation

A joint governance structure focused on delivery, innovation and realizing your business outcomes. Atos will continue to propose opportunities for innovation where they can deliver improvements in business outcomes.

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