Atos at SAP Innovation Forum Nordics 2018

19-20 September, 2018, Copenhagen

SAP Innovation Forum Nordics 2018 was the first time the entire Nordics SAP community came together at the same place, at the same time.

Atos as the Gold Sponsor of the conference was present at the expert zones IT and Data Platforms and SAP® Leonardo, showcasing our solutions.

Atos also ran a showcase session “Creating a Winning Company – Based on Seamless Connectivity of People, Things, and Business”, performed by Thomas Offermann, SAP Business Expert. Read more about the session here.

Atos showcase session and interactive demo

Creating a Winning Company – Based on Seamless Connectivity of People, Things, and Business

By Thomas Offermann, SAP Business Expert, Atos

In the showcase session, participants got to:

  • Learn how to build the connected value chain
  • Discover how to transform your business into winning mode
  • Get an explanation of Atos’ Digitization / IoT / Industry 4.0 capabilities and experiences
  • Learn to manage the upcoming challenges in these areas with the help of Atos’ expertise
  • Get real life experiences from a leading European IoT, Analytics and SAP S/4HANA Transformation IT vendor and discover how Atos can help your company in its digital journey.

Demo – Smart Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance

Atos presented a solution for Smart Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance based on SAP Leonardo and the SAP Cloud Platform, supplemented by Machine Learning. This solution makes it possible to automatically detect faults on a model truck and predict potential component failures. The SAP Leonardo solution can also automatically trigger the necessary actions, such as service requests or the purchase of spare parts. The user receives the necessary information directly on their data glasses.

To get a feel of the demo, check out our video above!

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