Webinar: Beating disease
with Artificial Intelligence

Beating disease with Artificial Intelligence

Big data in healthcare has previously been overwhelming, not just because of the volumes but also because of the diversity of data and the speed at which it must be processed and analysed. This is what makes advances in analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) of such pivotal importance. Deploying these technologies alongside solid clinical guidance will equip healthcare systems to meet important targets in terms of clinical decision support, disease surveillance and population health management.

In this webinar, you will be hearing from the three multinational companies that are pioneering advances in this field. Technologists from the Atos Life Sciences Centre of Excellence (LSCoE) will walk you through our healthcare journey, radically transformed through the use of advanced technologies to boost efficiency and drive excellence. We will be joined by experts from NVIDIA and NetApp who will complement this journey with their unique perspectives on system acceleration and data management.

Duration: 60 min

You will learn to:

  • Unlock the value of AI in the healthcare and research environment;
  • Imagine other scenarios that could benefit from AI approaches;
  • Future gaze on the AI strategies of the three main players in this field.

Featured Presenters

Natalia Jimenez, PhD

Atos HPC, AI & Quantum Life Sciences Centre of Excellence Director

Natalia has a MSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Molecular Biology. She has dedicated herself to applying leading-edge technologies to revolutionize what is possible for health and healthcare. Working in life sciences and technology since 2012, following 14 years in bioinformatics research, Natalia’s contributions have already been profound and significant. In 2020 she achieved her dream of opening the HPC, AI and Quantum Life Sciences Centre of Excellence in Cambridge.

Sunil Mistry

Director of Artificial Intelligence at Atos

Sunil works at the forefront of technological advancement, within artificial intelligence. He has implemented successful projects within healthcare, education, financial services, commercial, aerospace & defence industries as well start-up environments across the UK and Europe. Sunil hosts conferences that provide training, insights and direct access to experts on the hottest topics in industry. He also regularly speaks at industry events and on expert panels worldwide.

Jonny Hancox

Deep Learning Solution Architect at NVIDIA

Jonny is a Senior Data Scientist from the EMEA Health & Life Sciences team at Nvidia and spends his time helping scientists and clinicians to make best use of the latest tools and technologies. Jonny spent many years working as an engineer, software architect and CTO and in the healthcare field, often working with large unstructured data sets, before moving into Machine Learning and AI.

Jack Watts

EMEA Leader, Artificial Intelligence at NetApp

Jack Watts, EMEA Leader, Artificial Intelligence for NetApp covering EMEA, has been in the IT Industry for over 10 years with expertise in delivering x86 server solutions, is also considered a subject matter expert in Artificial Intelligence along with managing worldwide supplier & customer relationships and program delivery. Jack joined NetApp from NVIDIA mid 2019 to increase the awareness of delivering a robust and optimised AI Platform to drive efficiencies in the Data Science Workflow to enable faster time to value. The importance a competent Data Pipeline between Edge point devices, through to core on premise environments and hybrid multi cloud is absolute in necessity to deliver AI platforms to market.

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