Webinar: Penetration testing in healthcare environments: what are the top vulnerabilities we discover?

Penetration testing in healthcare environments

Health and life science organizations invest significant resources into cybersecurity as the risk of failure involves highly sensitive data that, if compromised, could not only affect staff and patient privacy but, potentially, the physical safety of patients too.

Penetration testing is simply an approach in which analysts identify potential weaknesses and attempt to exploit vulnerabilities. Think of penetration testing as an MRI for your organization. Sometimes providing a fresh set of eyes can often identify previously undetected issues.

As a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity, Atos can help you avoid the financial and reputational toll of cyber-attacks and identify key vulnerabilities before they are breached.

In this webinar, our cybersecurity experts Cosmin Radu and Bogdan Irimia will explain how penetration testing can help healthcare organizations ensure their security solutions are ready to fight against current and future cyber-attacks. They will also illustrate how to ensure the right protection measures are in place.

You will learn:

    • The real impacts of cyber-attacks, with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic
    • How good enterprise security practices, such as awareness training or anti-phishing services, can help healthcare organizations protect themselves
    • Analysis of several cyber-attack study cases and how they could have been avoided

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Featured Presenters

Cosmin-Alexandru Radu

Senior Penetration Testing Consultant

Cosmin Radu is a Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-Council CEH) and OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional). He joined Atos in November 2017 as a Senior Penetration Testing Consultant assisting multiple customers. He brings his experience of more than 7 years working in penetration testing, application security and systems administration in an international consulting company and from one of the biggest solutions providers in Romania. Cosmin is a speaker at multiple security conferences

Bogdan-Costel Irimia

Penetration Testing Consultant

Bogdan Irimia is a passionate security professional. He joined Atos in June 2018 as a Penetration Testing Consultant assisting multiple customers. He brings to the team his experience of more than 6 years working in web and mobile application testing in an international software development company.

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