Virtual Design Sprint

The Magic’s in the Methodology

Ready to develop ideas into a new app or platform?


Don’t let meeting restrictions stop you.

The Atos Client Innovation Lab brings our proven methodology and the tools you need for a successful Virtual* Design Sprint.

The Atos Design Sprint delivers everything you need kick off the development of your product:

  • Shared understanding of the stakeholders which problem to solve
  • Amalgamation of the participants best ideas into one storyboard
  • First wire-frames of the product to build
  • High Level design of the IT architecture
  • KPIs how to measure success
  • Productfield to assess all business aspects of your new product


Atos Client Innovation Lab

Discover, design and define.

Make the Atos Innovation Lab the next step in your development journey. Our team of process and data experts brings the interdisciplinary skills to discover your needs and requirements, design the right solution and define your path forward.

* Sprint sessions at our Client Innovation Lab in Frankfurt (now armed with a new hygiene concept) or the location of your choice, as travel restrictions allow.

Atos Client Innovation Lab – Designing your future experience

Contact us to arrange your next Design Sprint – virtually or at the location of your choice.