Public safety and crisis management service orchestration

Egbert Jaspers

CEO, ViNotion

A key challenge faced by city operators, municipalities and political decision makers is the fragmentation of information into vertically oriented closed systems and siloed organization models.

The PS-CRIMSON (Public Safety and Crisis Management Service Orchestration) project aims to overcome these challenges by delivering an integrated 3D digital model and information platform that facilitates information collection, sharing, management, analysis and dissemination from diverse public and private Public infrastructures and resources. The PS-CRIMSON platform supports public authorities to improve quality and efficiency of municipal services and enhance their resilience in the presence of adverse conditions. Furthermore, adequate security and authentication methods allow selected Public data sources to be exposed to the full smart city ecosystem, which is a key enabler for the development of innovative data-driven applications and services stimulating economic activity and supporting job growth.

The PS-CRIMSON platform will bring together the visually oriented, intuitive nature of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the highly dynamic real-time contextual data streams that are made accessible through interoperable ICT-backends of public and private Public infrastructures. Augmented with 3D city models and visualization capabilities, the PSCRIMSON information platform provides unprecedented situational awareness that improves operational decision making and allows procedures and planning to be evaluated.

The benefits of service orchestration through the PS-CRIMSON platform will be demonstrated in the context of three closely related use cases: crisis management, public safety management and disaster management. These demonstrators will be hosted in Istanbul, Eindhoven and Vancouver.

With contributions from Canada, Turkey and the Netherlands, the PS-CRIMSON consortium is composed of partners that cover the full market value chain of Public data providers, platform providers and application and service providers. The consortium composition carefully balances the scale and impact of large industrial partners providing and operating major Public infrastructures and platforms with the in-depth expertise of academic institutes and the innovative power of selected SMEs.

The project PS-CRIMSON was awarded in September 2020. Further information can be found in the press release:
Additional information about the project can be found on the PS-CRIMSON webpage:


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