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Adoption of Digital Sovereign Government Technology Platforms (DGTP’s)

Governments need to address the need for massive digitization by adopting an eco-system of platforms. This will reduce costs, increase security but more importantly, take back control of their citizen’s National Sovereign data.

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Create National Sovereign AI & Data Lakes

Within the Hybrid Society, physical and online-services come together. This paper explores both the challenges and the opportunities for governments and citizens in the new hybrid society, and how digital technologies and data make different kinds of public services possible.

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Becoming a modern e-state

Nations are increasingly confronted with a demand to become a sustainable, smart, cost-effective and secure State. Based on individual citizenship and digital identity (digital twin), Governments need to re-invent their way of working and take the lead in shaping the (Hybrid) Society of tomorrow.

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eState 2020 – Journey to a digital government

This paper explores the concept of an e-State that is now being shaped by today’s global megatrends and technological advances. It explains the urgency for governments to change and looks at the key digital enablers on the journey to digital government.

eState 2020

Realizing the promise of Government as-a-platform

As citizens demand for digital services continues to rise, public institutions have a tremendous opportunity to radically improve the way governments serve.

Government Look Out 2020+

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